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Cannes 2016: the Festival on a royal platter – Télérama.fr

lobster, periwinkle, the chicken, a president in hair, a high-end selection: this year, the Festival promises to be varied, attractive, rich. So enjoy it today, it may be less well tomorrow …

Who will succeed Deephan , 2015 Palme d’or? Which actress will lose its upward steps (or vice versa)? Will it rain for a fortnight? A filmmaker he says “understand Hitler” during a press conference? Bruno Dumont he will kiss Thierry Fremaux? How old is the captain? You will not find any answer to these questions that torment you in the article below. But other questions about the Cannes Film Festival 2016, and answers, yes.

What about the official selection of 2016?

What this year is “belts and braces”: young, old, men, women, formalistic and committed – over the projections, very quickly, that’s cleavage becomes operative, among those watching the world (Dardenne, Loach, Farhadi, etc.) and those who reinvent their way (Winding Refn, Spielberg, Verhoeven, etc.), with a thousand shades in between. Questions about the 2015 selection, especially on the place given to French films, had been swept palmares (Audiard, Lindon, Bercot greeted by Coen, little suspected of being linked to the CNC), before being revived a little Cesar ( Fatima, Mustang, Desplechin, from the directors’ fortnight).

is that why Thierry Fremaux assured the coup, assembling a rather royal plateau coquillagère to take a metaphor? Lobster and winkle, that is to say, the glam and the author auteurist, Julia Roberts and Brazilian Kleber Mendonça Filho, documentary and animation, Steven Spielberg and Germany’s Maren Ade, the young Romanian cinema in strength and Woody Allen, Kristen Stewart X2 and a gold badge of honor for Jean-Pierre Léaud – bravo, great idea! – Etc. Something to please the Cahiers du cinema and Paris-Match , if indeed that to oppose these two have meaning. On paper, this is varied, attractive, rich – or is that is especially good mood

What is the Cannes Film Festival

Thanks, question thousand euros and multiple responses. First: to exalt the art of cinema in all its forms, and those who practice it. Raking wide, please, the author Kazakh abstruse to the starlet slightly less abstruse, hoping that the breasts of the second draw attention to the talent of the first (or vice versa). Circumlocutions that we think also in use for fifteen days to avoid repeating the words “Cannes Film Festival” give answers to this vast question

Eg. Soundboard, vanity fair , business machine privileged backwater, dream factory, food racketeering in the laboratory, but also prestigious competition, accelerator talents, revealing trends, adoubeur geniuses, etc. One thing, though: after the fall of the Eastern bloc, when we saw the last Cannes film placardisés for decades by the “popular democracies”, we thought “never again …” But no, in crowded country, it’s still difficult to show, to expose, engage, and in 2016, it is no doubt as to Iran for Egypt. Art is a fight. Protect artists: if the red carpet just used it, it would have to frame …

Jacques Audiard and  jury in May 2015.<br /> “Title =”  Photo: Lionel CIRONNEAU / SIPA “class  =” lazy “itemprop =” image  “src  =”http://icon.telerama.fr/iconsv2/trans.gif”  data-original=”http://images.telerama.fr/medias/2016/05/media_142258/deux-ou-trois-questions-pre-cannoises,M332591.jpg”  data-side = “1.3831258644537″ />  <figcaption readability =

Jacques Audiard and jury in May 2015.

Photo: Lionel CIRONNEAU / SIPA

What is the Palme

It would take a little height for once. Do not peel the Franco-French box office webbed to fall each time the accident Bille August ( The Best Intentions , worst result to date). But rather that the resonance of a winning film, let alone won the first prize, is global. The credit that pulls a filmmaker may not be the same as it was thirty or forty years – after all, Apichatpong Weerasethakul has not received an offer of Marvel Studios, or he has still not open this envelope came from Hollywood who hangs on her bedside table

the Fins are to share almost equal an instant photography. – the best film of a specific competition, according specific juries – and a reflection of the history of cinema. Variable contribution to history: the Palme crowned authors who deserved it because their place is essential in the timing of the seventh art (Coppola to Kurosawa or Fellini), she accompanied the movements (the Italian political cinema the “angry young men” who have pushed the British cinema, the fifth generation of Chinese filmmakers). She missed others: the New Wave or Ingmar Bergman were not crowned … The immediate history is harder to read: it is regrettable that Wong Kar-wai was not webbed, to reward its period of intense creativity and then explosion of Asian cinema; whatever one thinks of Tree of Life , have sacred Malick was, in hindsight, a welcome gesture …

Is the competent jury?

If the competence of a jury is able to approach a perfect record, which is different for every movie buff, then no, frankly, it will not do. Every second Sunday of the Festival, after the results were announced, joy or disappointment, depending on whether or not the nephew of the Uncle Boonmee , which lives in paris itself or in the city of dheepan … Now the Awards is inherently indisputable. It is. Point. One can take note, imagine how we got there, question its architecture – saying “I would have voted differently” does not make sense since it is not sworn

. What attitudes detected in juries in recent years? There are, basically, the radical or consensual: Polanski, fire Chéreau, Frears, Cronenberg, Burton (Tim) chose, by Quality complainant proposed films or more generously, to surprise and focus. Conversely, Lynch, Wong Kar-Wai, De Niro gave Fins (Polanski, Loach and Malick) that were worth in some way for all of the work. Personally, I place complete trust in George Miller, chairman of the jury in 2016, a rare filmmaker who combines humanism and the taste of the genre. Respect

What are the parallel sections

A bit of history.?: The Critics Week and Directors’ Fortnight were invented to expand the spectrum of sensitivities at a time when the official selection was, in part at least, governed by diplomatic imperatives. If the first, reserved for first and second films, is primarily a lab where talent is revealed, the second was erected by periods against festival – as in 2015 or Desplechin, Garrel, Ayouch, Falcon and Miguel Gomes whatever one thinks of the films have spilled ink, virtual or not.

Waintrop Edouard, delegate for six years, has developed, depending on availability of films, of course a triple orientation: tribute to older authors (this year Bellocchio, Friedkin, Jodorowski), taste genre cinema (the discovery of Jeremy Saulnier), emerging filmmakers (first three french films this year). If one adds a certain look and Cannes Classics, two other sections of the official selection, we see that inflation in the number of titles shown in Cannes makes unrealistic to see everything. For a filmmaker, be in Cannes does not guarantee a film’s success or the media; but not to be there, let alone if it is by an unknown author, is becoming more complicated.

Cannes May 9, 2016.<br /> “Title  =” Photo: Buckner / SIPA “class  =” lazy “itemprop =” image  “src  =”http://icon.telerama.fr/iconsv2/trans.gif”  data-original=”http://images.telerama.fr/medias/2016/05/media_142258/deux-ou-trois-questions-pre-cannoises,M332559.jpg”  data-side = “1.3422818791946″ />  <figcaption>  <p> Cannes May 9, 2016.<br />  </P>  <p class = Photo: Buckner / SIPA

And the holidays, it was better before

Obviously, hence the alternative thought: enjoy it today, because tomorrow it will be worse … again, a little history: the nights in the villas were replaced at the end 90s by the holidays on beaches, and then tracks were squatted by brands, with temporary structures of various sizes, pervasive sponsorship, and then the “night” Paris, its boxes and pillars, fell to Cannes Club Albani (at the Marriott) or Silencio. No more “tongue-ass” a little intimate, but not too, where we rubbed this legendary actor, the real inspiring – “Is this chicken? “ asked me Faye Dunaway in the The Yards festival , hesitating to use poultry, and this moment of profound exchange is etched forever in my memory (and yes it was chicken) …

Cannes is very compartmentalized: “talent” spawn least with the common people. The withdrawal of Canal obviously does not add much free champagne at the event. When there is no more money anywhere, that TV will only trash permanent show, that brands have joined other more directly profitable shows, so we will sit again on a stretch of beach with a chicken leg and a frothy cup.


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