Saturday, May 7, 2016

Captain America 3 Civil War: The scene that made crazy Robert Downey Jr! –

There are a lot of impressive, moving or exciting scenes in Captain America 3: Civil War . At melty, we doubt also that some of them are particularly popular – random, the introduction of Spider-Man and the general fight on the airport tarmac. But others you may have shocked or even destabilized. And imagine that this is also the case of players who, if they were at the heart of the action for several months, have nevertheless found also when the film was screened in their room. Robert Downey Jr, who never loses his sense of irony, is also back on the LA scene that has made the most crazy. And it is certainly not the one you think. Of all the explosions, special effects, stunts, including one in which Ant-Man should have died according to science, Captain America 3: Civil War is in fact an almost tranquil sequence that has most surprised . And it is of course – SPOILERS careful – the one in which Tony Stark made his first appearance in the film … in the guise of a young man !

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… and this is not an action scene

Remember, the billionaire genius developed a highly technological machine that allows anyone to relive his memories. And to demonstrate its capabilities, Tony Stark chooses to show the last time he spent with his parents before they died. And inevitably, he looks much younger than the hero we know today! The special effects that have rejuvenated Robert Downey Jr have so obviously taken by surprise . During a visit on board The Tonight Show , the actor spoke this scene with Jimmy Fallon, who himself was shaken by what he saw. “ It honestly made me crazy, too !” Exclaimed Robert Downey Jr. “ I thought: ‘My God, it was so beautiful What it is! -it happened? ‘. “. As you said, always the sense of derision! But it must be admitted that this scene is particularly successful and the young Tony Stark manages to convey the sorrow and regret that has certainly eaten after the death of his parents. But this is not the first time that the films of Marvel Studios and rejuvenate an actor, Michael Douglas took advantage of this treatment in Ant-Man . Robert Downey Jr., who is now leaving for an Iron Man 4 will nevertheless certainly the opportunity to be even more surprised later in the MCU! What is your favorite scene?


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