Thursday, May 12, 2016

Laurent Lafitte is explained on its valve launched in Woody Allen during the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival – MetroNews

The punchline of Laurent Lafitte during the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival against Woody Allen has she been misunderstood? This is what seems to explain the actor in an interview with US website The Hollywood Reporter. No, the valve ( “In recent years you have toured in Europe while you are even convicted of rape in the United States “), was not addressed to the filmmaker, but the American puritanism.

Has he was surprised by the negative reactions after his speech? “We talked about me when I left the scene of such strong reactions. I have learned that this morning [Thursday, May 12, ed] that the son of Woody Allen had written an article about rape charges which is the subject filmmaker. I did not know that in my speech. When I wrote the joke, it was of benefit to Europe and about why one of the greatest American filmmakers spent as many years to film in Europe while he was not charged with rape in her own country, compared to Roman Polanski, “he said.

a big misunderstanding

He continues by explaining that the joke was misinterpreted: “It was a valve on American Puritanism and the fact that it is surprising that an American director turns so many films in Europe. I was not aware of the rest. ” Laurent Lafitte does not understand the fuss about his joke, and in particular gives the example of Ricky Gervais: “For Gloden Globes he jokes that go away, and no one asks him to justify the next day.” Before the reporter Hollywood Reporter does not specify that it is, instead, the case.

To extinguish the embers around this controversy, “a storm in a teacup”, he said Woody Allen was not offended by the pike, as he said Thierry Fremaux, director of the Festival, the same being “funny”. Ensuring that it was not his intention “being mean”, he deplores the fact that this is the only time of the opening ceremony held by everyone.

& gt; & gt; Woody Allen was not offended by the joke of Laurent Lafitte on rape
& gt; & gt; VIDEO: Cannes 2016 – Laurent Lafitte tackle Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, both accused of rape


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