Friday, May 6, 2016

Radiohead: a new single with the release of the album, this Sunday – TF1

Radiohead dictates its law and promotes the release of his ninth album as it sees fit. After missing the Internets, the resurfacing group by unveiling a first song, “Burn The Witch”. Two days later, the British put online a new single, “Daydreaming,” the great Radiohead. But a surprise never comes alone, Thom Yorke and his friends have finally announced the release of this album that the fans expected more. It is scheduled for this Sunday, May 8, at 20 am sharp. Fans of the group may listen and purchase the album on the website pending the physical release, June 17

Meanwhile, the title “Daydreaming” which prelude office to the successor of the King of Limbs , published in 2011. A poignant and plaintive but masterful ballad which only the English secret. The clip, meanwhile, was directed by a friend of the group, the American director Paul Thomas Anderson (who must include Inherent Vice ).

Through long by just over 6 minutes video, the singer is seen, Thom Yorke, looking lost and long hair, strolling spaces in spaces that seem n ‘ have no connection with each other: a hotel, a hospital, a forest, the kitchen of an apartment where a family lunch. The singer takes his melancholy singing of that voice so special “it’s too late, the damage is done”. He eventually hide in a cave near a fire

If the clip has an aesthetically polished and neat, the song is beautiful. Slow, poignant, accompanied by a piano melody. That’s enough to be hit. Radiohead seems to be party to sign one of the most beautiful album of 2016 to believe the first two extracts.


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