jack falahee and Conrad Ricamora embody Connor and Oliver in “How To Get Away with Murder “series aired in France under the title” Murder. ” – ABC / Mitch Haaseth

would the Italians more puritanical than Americans? Still, that last week, RAI 2, transalpine public channel aired the first episode of the first season of Murder ( How to Get Away With Murder , as the title) in a truncated version. A sex scene
 between two men, not yet showing little more than two naked torsos, was edited out.

The sequence is however relatively important because it tells how the character of Connor slept with another, Oliver, to obtain a document required for pleading his teacher of law, he works … an act interested, then, but that lead a few episodes later on a love story between two young men.

the cut does not go unnoticed and several Italian viewers were moved on social networks. So Pete Newalk, the showrunner of the series, was aware. He immediately indignant on Twitter and took advantage to post the famous censored scene.

Shonda Rhimes, the producer of Murder , is also moved his tweet, saying that “censorship of any love is inexcusable.”

A message was heard by Rai 2. the chain responded that Shonda Rhimes was right and that a new distribution of episode was planned, in its entirety, the next day (that is to say, July 10 at 21 pm). The Italian chain would have explained to the Corriere della Sera , a staff member had made this cut on his own, without the consent of anyone to do it.

Jack Fallahee, who plays Connor, thanked the Rai 2 for this decision. The actor had mobilized strongly, especially on social networks, to denounce censorship. “WE have put an end to censorship in this case. ALL YOU have me motivated. Thank you for making your voices heard, “he tweeted by relaying an article.

This episode, which hit the headlines, was released several months ago in full on another Italian channel Sky. French viewers, they have been possible to see without any censorship on M6. Season 3 is currently being filmed and will be broadcast in the fall on ABC, the US