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Alain Guiraudie: “I have not in mind the ideal film” – Télé

“Staying vertical”, selected at Cannes, released in theaters Wednesday, August 24. In early July, the La Rochelle festival paid homage to the rich filmography of Alain Guiraudie, made of social chronicles, foutraques comedy and burlesque tragedies. What relationship does he have with her? Unvarnished answer to the author.

Seventh feature film, and finally, the Cannes competition. With vertical Stay , which comes out in theaters on August 24 Alain Guiraudie accessed the grail, his path was largely do the clearing by Stranger by the Lake , selected for Un Certain regard in 2013 and critically acclaimed, but that old dream that moves , very noticed in the directors’ fortnight in 2001.

 In early July, a tribute was paid to him at the film festival in La Rochelle – as well as Frederick Wiseman and Barbet Schroeder. Alain Guiraudie are evoked with passion and a frank look mixed with a happy pessimism, his strange films, crushed sun, where the utopia mingled with political commitment, where the destinies become epics, westerns, or burlesque struggles to live, and love

the synopsys. a young woman, a hairdresser by trade, goes in search of a ounayes herd in the company of a shepherd who lost them. Along the way, they meet two completely whimsical characters. One is a great villain and the other a kind of mercenary warrior party looking for him …

“This is the movie I like. I recently reviewed because we did the scan, and I found it very well. I tend to always come back to this film. It is the least dogmatic of my works, one I filmed most freely. I wrote winter, prepared in spring, summer turned and mounted in stride, I never lost energy. I rewrote the script once, and the filming was done in a week. However, I’ve never so much shit on a film that was very hard. This is particularly related to the fact that I was shooting in the film, and it is complicated to achieve and rotate simultaneously. I really did not have the feeling of having a team with me. I felt they did not understand what I was doing … We remained friends also, but the shooting is still quite painful memory. And I was in a short film economy, so I also worked for the Economy, accommodation, hospitality team … I did not even when to eat, but I took care of a lot things. “

The synopsys: a factory about to be decommissioned. There he remains only a handful of workers and a young interim technician who is responsible for dismantling the last machine. While he worked, workers spend time waiting for the end of the week. They are intrigued by this young man …

“This is the film that most people talk to me, with Stranger by the Lake . I think it appeals to people, thanks to the balance between fantasy, utopia, social and real. It also happened probably at a time when the public yearned to see this kind of cinema: a political, social cinema, but with humor, who sees a little further than the horizons. I did it to overcome impasses which I bumped into myself politically and socially.

 Cinematically, I always arrive a little. In reality I do not always happen, but I’m not the only one … Should the movie be there to address the frustrations of everyday life? I’m not sure. But if at least serves to lead walks, give a glimpse of things, it’s not bad.

 This film is very important to me because it is the one who introduced me by the French moviegoers or foreign moviegoers. Godard talked to Cannes [the film was selected for the Quinzaine] and the next projection was fed her world, people were intrigued! Godard said it was the best film of the festival, for sure, it was not bad … but he really discovered me with Sunshine for the Poor . He had already spoken in the journal The Team , it was very funny. Already, an interview with Godard in The Team is not so common, while talking about my movie …

 Technically, I turned a corner: it’s my first film shot in 35 mm, and worked with an art director with whom I shared a lot, from the cast. This really is with this film that I began to surround myself with a team. “

Synopsis: Basile Morning saw in a dream-Faftao Laoupo the strange symbol of the penultimate sleep. Now the young man knows that if he sleeps again, he might die soon. But at his age, we would like to have the life ahead. Igor, he vaguely studied and bored. He is interested in the history of Basile and decided to visit him the next day. Just arrived in the village, Igor learns that all the inhabitants were killed during the night. The young man soon got to know Johnny Got, a journalist-detective on the case. It is at this time that Basil leaves his house and shoot them …

“The character of Basil comes from a novel I wrote at 20, 21, a novel was never published and never will: I came to realize that he was not very good and I reworked script. Basil, it really is my alter ego. But I’ve distilled some of myself in the three main characters. The shooting was idyllic, but it’s a film I realized a little too late. I wear too amused look, forty brooms, my adolescence, my post-adolescence. So, this lack of seriousness and gravity. I seem to be in a sort of irony that gives the impression that I treat over the leg. I’m not quite myself invested in this film, and I realize it for installation. I always use the previous film frustrations for the next film. I go like this, and even though I’m not completely satisfied, I prefer to take it out. I think I did it like that because good square next to That Old Dream That Moves me drunk. I had no desire to return to the rigor … I felt like messing around and I let myself embark then I should take it easy at times, or move towards more fancy. I corrected this with Vertical Stay that meets actually No rest for the wicked. instead of a remake, I Stay Vertical. “

Synopsis: Obitanie is reeling from the terrible news of the kidnapping of the daughter of the rich Rixo Lomadis Bron, by the redoubtable Manjas Kebir . Immediately, Fogo Lompla Radovan Remila Stoï Soforan and Jonas decided to pool their efforts to find the bandit. But their research raises many existential questions, especially about the condition of the shepherds …

“I have also many regrets on this film. I wanted to meet some western and cape and sword movie: I have not been fed to Robert Bresson and Pasolini! I was brought to westerns and Fanfan la Tulipe . But I also directed the film too late nine years after writing the screenplay. It was also very poorly funded, so I ended up with 600 or 700 000 while it was a budget of three million, the salary of everyone was divided in half, including mine. I wanted to do in Aveyron and Lozère, and I’m finally in the Puy de Dôme and Provence … This is the first film for which I find myself shooting a scene that I did not know before arriving in the morning shooting. Everything went wrong pinned. For my part, I let go of many things, I did not tidy my cap. I remember what I had in mind at the start, and I really fell very high. At the time, I felt that I did not really want to do. But if you made me realize that I did not do it, I would put five years to make another film. And to be quite honest, I do not know what I was going to live if I did not do it. All this combined does not help me much in love …

Synopsis: Armand Lacourtade, a gay 43-year-old single, broker farm equipment, switches to doubt his sexuality. One evening, he defended a girl who is assaulted by a gang of boys. Curly is the daughter of Durandot, a competitor Armand. He’ll walk her home and proposes to spend to take after school the next day. When Durandot finds out, he does everything to prevent Armand and Curly to meet again. But the desire that unites the forties and the teenager is stronger than everything. They run away together …

“After This is the time , I had a big existential crisis. I told myself that I had to change direction, that I act together. I could trouble locating where I was planting, why I could not stay the course over my scripts that remain, I think, very good projects. So I changed team, I started from scratch, I went back to work with people with whom I was discussing the casting, script …
The King of Escape is however a very bad memory location. I think people will say we had a blast seeing the film. Some may be broken, but not me. I felt a little lonely on the set, I felt that the team was not really me. I still felt like to Sunshine for the Poor , that people did not understand what I was about to cum.

 With this film, I returned to something very playful, sometimes to kick for touch on the issue of sex and homosexuality, even though I think at times it deserved to be a little more dramatic, harder. If it again, I would have loved to take a much older man and a much younger girl. I looked on the side of 90 blades and 16, but I have not found. And I have not overemphasized because after I discovered Hafsia Herzi in The Secret of the Grain . “

Synopsis: every day of the summer, Franck, seasonal, went to a lake, instead of men to drag. There Henri meeting, spends his days alone. Depressive, it recovers badly from the death of his wife. Against all odds, the two are worlds apart (age, sex and physical) will become friends. Franck finally meet the eyes of Michel mysterious. It’s love at first sight. While the two men began a passionate relationship in the woods near the lake, Frank soon discovers that her lover is a murderer. He should flee but irresistibly drawn to the young man continues to play with fire …

“After a little foutraque side of King of Escape , I fancy something more light, a rather theatrical device. I eventually always ogled side of theater, drama … Greek tragedy is very important to me. Basically in my life, there Euripides, Shakespeare, Beckett, and Brecht.

 I wanted to go further in the representation of sex between men. I always kicked into touch, in particular representing the comically. This is the kind of sequences that did not care me out because it is a sacred work with the actors.

 Now, I wanted to go further on the tragi-comic side of life: this frivolity that accompanies a dramatic tension that leads us all to death, and yet does not prevent us to have fun. And I think it’s a sign of the times. In the current mess, there is still time to carouse.

 With Stranger by the Lake , I felt I had a great movie in the hands. When Roy Genty [artistic director] read the script, he found it great. cast aside, for once, I did not refuse the hunks. I coughed a lot and fought the dictatorship of the perfect body, and I wanted to get out too.

 I do not consider that it is my great movie. The best is yet to come I think. I had the courage to face things, but this is not the revolutionary movie that I could do.

 Contrary to popular belief, the film’s success is relative: it has 140,000 admissions in France and sold in twenty territories, which is nice without being extraordinary. But for films with guys naked, around homosexuality, one can speak of access to the public. I think we were in tune with something that people were expecting. On homosexuality, and how to talk. We were there the same year as The Life of Adele , and these films have left homosexuality from their ghetto. It is not moreover nothing if they arrived together. “

Synopsys: Leo, a forty director, travels the roads of Lozere, as he prepares his new movie. Struggling to write his new script, man travels a great plateau of Lozere. There he met Mary, who brings her home. The young woman, already a mother of two, is approaching quickly Leo. This view returns regularly and soon the young couple accueuille a new child. But Leo asbente regularly and Mary, who can not stand the isolation, leaves, leaving the infant to the burden of his father. This initially taken aback, learns to care for the child …

“Then I thought it would be nice to go somewhere else, doing something else that a good round tragicomedy, well put together … I wanted to go to a movie a little more foutraque. I regret compared to No Rest for the Wicked . This is where I seriously thought about doing a remake, so I decided to do something else, which brasserait social chronicle, adventure, between dream and reality, but we really perceive the border between. I wanted to make a film both everyday and existential.

 This is another film in which I put a lot of things, and even a bit of metaphysics. What interests me is how our little daily rather shabby and crappy, we get to do something essential, to bring them to another dimension. For this we can go to the side of the myth by relating it to everyday life. In this film, I feel I have succeeded. I’m very proud even if it’s not there yet. I did not even head the ideal film.

I thought that with vertical Stay , I would attain nirvana, but life also works on this dissatisfaction. It is an engine, and I think that basically it is also good to pursue his dreams, without necessarily achieving them. In my film the train Deut, not quickfire as I would have liked, and there is also a problem with the distance. It is especially on that we worked at the assembly. I do not know yet what is missing basically this film. But there is something necessarily disappointing in practice of cinema: one starts with a dream movie and finally it is never completely up to par. And I think I will say that all my life. The desire of the other, is the same. We are still waiting for Prince Charming, is believed to have found it and after one week … There’s something in the confrontation between the ideal and the reality that it does not go well. It’s always the actual wins. “


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