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The new album of Frank Ocean available – The World

Frank Ocean receives an award at the Brit  Awards on February 20, 2013.

the new album Frank Ocean has been posted on the streaming platform and Apple Music download on 20 August. This new opus of the author of the unclassifiable album Channel Orange, very noticed in 2012, is titled Blonde . It includes forty “contributions”, including, among others, Andre 3000, James Blake, Jamie xx, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and Rick Rubin.

The promotion of new album Frank Ocean revealed a complex marketing device of attracting attention while revealing as little as possible and playing on the expectations of fans. The album, due in the summer of 2015, has finally been put online a year later, after many false alerts disseminated on the Internet by the singer and his label platform Apple Music. On its official website appeared the 1 st August 1 video of himself tinkering. It is then expected an album for August 5, called Boys Do not Cry , according to sources cited by the American press


Thursday, three days before the online seventeen pieces of Blonde , a “visual album” 45 minutes dubbed Endless was posted on Apple Music. Besides the clues scattered here and there, including the ironic image of a library tracking sheet where dates are crossed one after the other, as someone who always ask for more time to make a record …

many Tributes

the album release was organized as a real event, with the appearance Saturday in four “ephemeral boutiques” in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London, where was sold the magazine created by Frank Ocean, Boys do not cry, with the new album inside. Only the magazine list the names of contributors on the album.

These “contributors”, however not all of the artists who actively participated in the making of the album. For one simple reason: some died. So if Eliot Smith is among the list, it’s because the lyrics of her song A Fond Farewell appear on the song Siegfried . Beatles lyrics also appear on the title White Ferrari .


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