Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2-D2 in Star Wars, has died –

The actor Kenneth George Baker, or Kenny Baker , who played R2-D2 robot in the Star Wars films, has died after a long illness yesterday informed his family in “The Guardian”. In recent years his health had deteriorated.

R2-D2 is an orphan, the actor who incarnated just died

All the small world that revolves around the Star Wars saga is mourning the news of the death at 81 years of the actor who played the droid R2-D2. Kenneth George Baker, had in fact played the companion of gold humanoid robot C-3PO in the first six episodes of the intergalactic saga. R2-D2 represented one of the most iconic characters of feature films including the first appearance in theaters back to 1977 with a first episode simply called “Star Wars”.

Measuring just more one meter, the British actor was seriously ill lately, suffering from pulmonary problems. “ He was very ill in recent years and we expect this fatal outcome. We are all very proud of what he accomplished in his life, (…) all the happiness he brought to the world “and said Abigail Shield, his niece.

His name mentioned in the credits of the last episode

“revenge of the Sith,” released in 2005, is the last episode in which the actor donned the costume of R2-D2. However, it was present on the set of Episode VII, “The Force Alarm” as a consultant, his name is also mentioned in the credits. He had also attended wheelchair to the premiere last December in London. Mr. Baker also played small roles in films of the 80s such as “Flash Gordon,” “Bandits, Bandits” or “The Elephant Man”.


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