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CINEMA. “Staying vertical” happy as a gay Lozère – The Obs

On a plateau of Lozere under the threat of wolves, dark Leo (Damien Bonnard), writer obviously lacking inspiration, meets Marie blond shepherdess (India Hair), which lives with his father, Jean-Louis skittish, and two children. Leo and Marie found to agree. A child is born, but Marie, probably postpartum depression, disappears with her two small, leaving the newborn in the custody of Leo and grandfather. Which informed Leo that it is not insensitive to the charm

Here we are. Guiraudie at Alain, the erotic charge of the older men, peasants or proletarians, decides the course of movie. Such was the case for “The King of Escape” and “Unknown Lake”. But young men are not lacking in appeal, either, besides Leo has already dredged, a Yoan, which he unsuccessfully sought if he wanted to make films.

Cannes: “Stay vertical” Alain Guiraudie first shock of the festival

Yoan lives with Marcel hoary (Christian Bouillette), which hardly opens his mouth to evoke that Pink Floyd and say his hatred of “fags”, Yoan top of the list. Fortunately for Leo, her baby is placid genre, and it can handle very casually. Because it’s crazy all men attracted to men you meet on the roads of Lozere, yet least populated department of the country: Marcel himself, horror of all “queers” debased, will be convinced of virtues of sodomy. This discovery for him to turn epectase that inspire the local press a devastating headline.

Fairy psychoanalyst

That provides at least get to the point, without prohibiting Leo borrow cross roads, which lead him, among others, in Brest and in the Marais Poitevin, where he was listen with vegetable electrodes by a fairy who master the expert in magic and knows nothing . psychoanalysis

it will be understood, Alain Guiraudie ride the viewer to his fancy, without worrying too much about whether it will be followed: he does what he sings, as hear and not otherwise. Posture is proud, and this praiseworthy; it is also risky. This form of radicalism risk of leaving the front door some spectators of his previous two films.

But, with the proviso that the front will blame him to apply to a filmmaker the advice the shepherds in time to face the wolf? Remain standing, especially, remain vertical.

Pascal Mérigeau

♥♥ “Stay vertical” , by Alain Guiraudie. French Drama, Damien Bonnard, India Hair, Raphael Thiery, Christian Bouillette (1:40).


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