Saturday, August 20, 2016

Aurillac: festivalgoers oppose excavation of law enforcement – The Express

The calm returned in the small town of Cantal. Clashes broke out late Friday afternoon in central Aurillac between security forces and hundreds of street theater festival. They strongly demonstrated their opposition to security measures imposed for the festival, in the state of emergency, including the excavations at the entrance of town.

The Socialist mayor of Aurillac, Pierre Mathonier, justified the safety device surrounding the festival in his city this Saturday in a statement distributed to festival goers. “In an emergency context, these measures are a prerequisite to maintaining the festival,” said the one. Detailing the measures taken, the aedile Aurillac justifies a “special device” in order to “ensure that no one is carrying dangerous goods.” Before asking the festival to host “benevolent way this device.”

Violent protests

Shortly after 18 pm, about 300 festivalgoers, infiltrated by a hundred thugs, some hooded, rioted against unreasonable to entry of downtown, said the prefecture of Cantal, confirming a report in the Mountain .

“Between 20 and 30 agitators wanted to force their way into a waiting queue of control, causing the festival, disgruntled security devices that slow,” said Mayor Pierre Aurillac Mathonier, at the scene. Protesters set up barricades, stoned cars, lit trash fires, overturned signs and degraded urban equipment and trade showcase, detailed the gendarmerie. Fifty mobile police then intervened and several politicians, including Pierre Mathonier have started a dialogue with the protesters. The spectacle of Generik Steam “Joyous Deuche” was postponed.

“Protecting the festival and artists”

“There has been sharp exchanges between rioters and festival, they do not understand their motives to put endanger the safety device, “said for his part the chief of staff of the Cantal province, Jean-François Bauvois. “Everything was done to allow the festival to take place in good conditions and protect the festival and the artists,” he added. “We know that Daesh attacks the artists and such events”.

Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communication, deplored in a statement, “the occurred incident and reiterates its support to the mayor, the festival and the prefecture services, which have all implemented to ensure both the holding of shows and public safety. ”

“The street has resumed his life”

Around 20:30, calm had returned to the center of Aurillac and the shows have resumed, according to the mayor and the prefecture. “The street has resumed his life,” he said. “We were able to clean up immediately in a peaceful climate and families normally circulate,” assured Pierre Mathonier.

Aurillac Street Theatre Festival every year some 100 000 people in the Prefecture of Cantal. Twenty French and foreign companies, with ten creations are programmed for this “30th edition bis”.


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