Sunday, December 11, 2016

Karine Ferri, it is finished ! – The Parisian

Dancing with the stars “, TF 1, 23h40. Camille Lou, Laurent Maistret and Artus will compete in the final of the dance competition. The popularity of Karine Ferri did not save it yesterday in the face of Camille Lou, 3e of the evening. Laurent Maistret is the big favourite but it is Artus who delivered the most emotional moment on Saturday. Accompanied by Mary Denigot and Marie-Claude Pietragalla — the judges have in fact danced for the first time with a candidate on the mythical “I’m sick” by Serge Lama, the actor and comedian has put us with tears in their eyes. “I’m on the c…” blurted Chris Marks, assigning Artus his first 10 of the season 7.

On a rumba with Fauve Hautot and Denitsa Ikonomova, Laurent Maistret gave a performance “sublimissime, at the pinnacle of the animal kingdom,” according to Jean-Marc Généreux.

Karine Ferri, with Chris Marks and Yann-Alrick Mortreuil, has not done very well on the salsa and its legs have captured the compliments : “masterful” for Pietragalla, “divine” for Fawn. Finally, Camille Lou has given everything on a Paso doble warrior with Grégoire Lyonnet and Jean-Marc Généreux.

In the second dance, Laurent Maistret and then Camille Lou both have passed the test of quick-step, Artus was rubbed with a samba and Karine Ferri has managed a waltz, crying all along, overwhelmed by emotion and feeling also her last dance come…

Le ParisienStephanie Guerrin


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