Saturday, December 10, 2016

Koh-Lanta : Benedict looks back on his victory and talks about his “love” to Jesta – LCI

HAPPY – winner of the final of Koh-Lanta, Benedict, who is entrusted to MyTF1 after his coronation, takes stock of his journey and speaks on his relationship with Jesta, a partner in adventure and now the love of his life.

This Friday, 9 December, TF1 broadcast the grand finale of Koh-Lanta : treasure island. After the last opening of the season done as usual by Denis Brogniart, the verdict is in : it’s Benedict, which has won unanimously this 16th edition of the adventure game.

“It’s a surprise,” he said in an interview with MyTF1 after his coronation, obviously both pleased and surprised to have won the votes of his comrades. “Frankly, I’m very happy, I am on a cloud”, he added. Even if after the fact, he admits he cannot really grasp why the other adventurers have all decided to snub Jesta, a finalist in its sides. “I don’t understand, honestly, that no one has voted for Jesta because she is really brave and she’s a real adventurer top. They are deceived totally, they do not know Jesta, because it deserves its place in the final, and she deserved to have the votes for it,” he said.

It is a cruel game, there are winners and disappointed but that’s it !Benedict, winner of Koh-Lanta

Even if he had dreamed at the start of another final, the footballer, who was often a strategy to preserve its allies, does not seem to have any regrets. “This is not the trio (Freddy, Jesta and on posts, editor’s note) that I had in mind, but in the end I was happy for Freddy and Jesta. What are the two adventurers, with super deserving. They deserve their place. It is something beautiful,” he said before having a thought for his friends in the adventure.

“When I saw that Candice had lost the direction I was disgusted. But it’s still an individual game. To the posts, she was an opponent and it would have been a good fight in front of her. I’m disappointed for her, as I am disappointed for Bruno or for Lau and for so much of the world. It is a cruel game, there are winners and disappointed but it is like that !”

I won Koh-Lanta, and I’ve found love, what could be better ?Benedict, winner of Koh-Lanta

However, even if in the beginning it was not necessarily Jesta in the trio final, the two adventurers are well close together since the end of the filming of the show. Benedict had told our colleagues from MCE : “We returned in France each of his side. And, as we reviewed with the other candidates of Koh-Lanta to party, and share our adventure, I realized that I missed them. It became obvious two months after returning from Cambodia.”

The footballer himself acknowledges that this adventure has provided invaluable experience : “It allowed me to gain confidence in me, I feel more confident. And then, yes, it has changed something because now I’m with Jesta and I am very happy in my new life in Toulouse with it. I won Koh-Lanta, and I’ve found love, what could be better ?”, found one who aspires now to travel with his girlfriend and why not invest in an apartment with her.


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