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Rémy Pflimlin, a lover of the television and the press – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The former CEO of France Télévisions from 2010 to 2015, passed away Saturday, December 3, at the age of 62.

He enjoyed a passion for the press and television. Rémy Pflimlin, who was president of France Télévisions from 2010 to 2015, passed away Saturday, December 3, at the age of 62 years. His great stature and his good-naturedness was the alsatian, a nephew of the last president of the council of the fourth republic, Pierre Pflimlin, a man that was widely appreciated. “He was very warm, extremely attentive to the human beings,” recalls Bruno Patino, who followed him during his entire term in office as head of France Televisions. “In 2010, upon his appointment, he had called to his side, Patrice Papet -one of his close friends – and Martin Ajdari. These two former leaders of the Radio France of the period, Jean-Paul Cluzel, he suggested my name to lead the digital of France Télévisions, and then all programs. He received me in a very long time for me to expose his vision of France Télévisions,” said Bruno Patino. Together, it will be France Télévis ions in the digital age with the creation of Pluzz (replay programs) and the site FranceTV Info.

“The worst job in the French audiovisual Landscape”

Being at the head of the “worst job in PAF” has never been an easy task. But Rémy Pflimlin has always defended with enthusiasm for its action and those of his troops. It was the first and only president of France Télévisions appointed directly by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. Throughout his mandate, he must take the consequences. Upon his arrival in 2010, France Télévisions was a unique company that on paper. There were a multitude of articles of different social, no salary was not comparable, no computer system was compatible and cameras reportage France 2 were deliberately very different from those of France 3.

Alsatian, christian democrat, Rémy Pflimlin was viscerally a man of consensus. An undeniable quality when it needs to carry out in-depth reforms. A default when one is the boss of the first broadcasting group in French public and the target of the PAF. “In a world of media, self-centered and cynical, he was discreet, temperate and determined”, welcomes Thierry Thuillier, former chief information officer and group director of France 2. “He has led the project deemed to be totally impossible to the unification of the offices of France 2 and France 3,” adds the one responsible for the implementation of this transformation. “His method of consensus was the ship forward, where the brutality would have blocked,” insists Thierry Thuillier. “Most importantly, despite his appointment by Nicolas Sarkozy, he has always defended with passion the independence of the media and has encouraged the creation of shows such as Cash Investigation he ad ds.

The renaissance of fiction French

With Patrice Papet, Rémy Pflimlin has also managed the feat -less well known – to impose a single collective agreement for the 10,000 employees of the cruise ship France Télévisions. But what we will remember from Rémy Pflimlin, it is his massive work around the fiction French. Moribund at the beginning of the years 2010, supplanted by the american fiction, fiction, French has become trendy, thanks to its substantive work. When it arrived, 60 % of the fiction was made up of television unit, often in costume. Today, 60 % of the fiction in French by France Télévisions is made up of series. He has totally redesigned the mode of production, has modernized the scriptures, and has started work on series that are currently on the success of the public channels as Cherif, or Ten percent. Five years of work, for a success that will benefit his successor.

He had done the same during his first spell at France Télévisions, as the boss of France 3. In 2003, it is he who imposes the creation of the soap opera Plus belle la vie after having suffered the longest strike in the history of France 3. As he had to retreat on the reform of the means of production, in regional France 3, he has transformed this failure into success. He entrusts the production of Plus Belle la vie to the production teams of France 3 Marseille, and supports this series, despite early disastrous. It is still today the mainstay of the hearing of the chain. However, France 3 will remain a pebble in his shoe. From 2010 to 2015, he has not been able to reform the chain of areas. It will be criticized.

Defend its balance sheet

After 2012, Rémy Pflimlin, the man appointed by Sarkozy, became the man to knock down. Criticized from all sides, in the cold, with Aurélie Filippetti, the new minister of Culture and communication, it has been totally destabilized by cutting financial imposed by the government which has withdrawn 300 million euros to its budget. In 2015, he has been candidate to his succession, with enthusiasm but without much hope. “To defend its balance sheet, its troops,” explains Bruno Patino. He will be qualified for the second round but not for the final phase. “There is a certain form of injustice” said, annoyed, Thierry Thuillier. This did not prevent him from playing the game during the three-month transition in place before the entry into function of Delphine Ernotte. This last salutes this great man of the media, accessible in a warm and underlines the quality of the dialogue during the procurement of power.

each time that the pressure was very strong, and it was often, Rémy Pfimlin is ressourçait walking in the desert with his wife and friends. It tasted also very quiet and the beauty of the classical music of which he was a great lover. “He was a man of very fine, a very great culture,” underlines Marc Leafy, group managing director of Le Figaro. “I knew him when he was boss of France 3 as we had every year the final of the championship spelling with Bernard Pivot,” he adds. There remained a great friendship and a ritual. “We had breakfast each year together with Rémy Pflimlin, and Bernard Pivot. This was the case, the September 11, 2001. And we had to all leave hurriedly”. A pledge for Rémy Pflimlin, known for his taste for the table. A tradition inherited from his long years in the press boss. After CET, Rémy Pflimlin has started to “Days of France”, the journal of Marcel Dassault. Then he led the “Latest News of Al sace”. Press boss respected, Rémy Pflimlin has to fight hard to save the courier press , the NMPP, then a rout. He hired a very painful restructuring plan and has orchestrated the release of the group Lagardère capital to leave the place to the newspaper publishers. “Remy was a marketing man. It is he who has changed the name of NMPP in Presstalis,” recalls Marc Leafy.


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