Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sausage Party : Accused of “pornography”, the film creates the scandal – Pure People

All the evidence suggests that The Manif for all and other applicants of censorship are discovering that there is a genre of film : animation films for adults. Of South Park the works of Bill Plympton, animated cartoons are not necessarily for an audience innocent of children.

In addition, if the film actually shows sex scenes completely absurd, there is no incentive neither to hatred nor to violence. According to the website Stop image, which echoes the words of Jean-François Mary, president of the CNC, the film “not shown nor wickedness, nor to call into question equality between the sexes“.

The presence in the casting of the French voices of the star of Key not at my post, Cyril Hanouna, offers media visibility more important to Sausage Party and imagine that it is aimed at a young audience. But shouting to the scandal, the movements that accuse this film of “pornography” are still more advertising to this small sausage seeking to find the meaning of life.

Sausage Party will indeed be better understood and appreciated by people who have a sense of humour, subversive, full of reference in pop culture and who are looking for boldness and originality in a work to the cinema, but at the present time, no one has ever come to a bad end after looking at a sausage that speaks and does anything.


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