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“Westworld”, the end of the season 1 : I suffer, therefore I am Télérama.fr

The series of metaphysical adventures of HBO ended with a masterful episode, which clarifies his story complex, and is preparing a season 2 is expected to be 2018. Balance sheet. And beware, spoilers.

Attention, if you haven’t seen the last episode of season 1 of Westworld, do not read this article ! You’d spoiler…

The creators of Westworld had warned : they know where they are going. They will need five seasons to get there and will take their time to develop their storyline, explore their world, reveal their about. At the end of the first episodes of their series-world, a mixture of western, rough-and-science-fiction metaphysics, it was precisely this that worried us. It has the force of not wanting to lose us, to care for their mystery, to structure their story, could they not bore us ?

With its cast of top-flight (Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Thandie Newton, etc), its big budget ($ 100 million per season), and his suspense of drawers, Westworld had all of the big machine that is formatted for us with a full view. It was to become the new Game of thrones, and had hardly the right to the error. Hence, perhaps, its first five episodes strong, used but neat, who seemed anxious to promise mountains and marvels… but forgot to confuse us, to take us away, to infuse a dose of genius and madness necessary for such an adventure.

Five episodes later, in the aftermath of the tenth and last part of his first season, unhappy with the first time (which we were part) do not have any more reasons to doubt : Westworld has kept its promises, and has managed to take us on his adventure. The mechanics went haywire in mid-season, to deliver a lesson of know-how story. Since the series talks about the progressive alarm clock for humanoid robots like clockwork, we were first made to believe that everything would spin in circles. Then, shots of bursts, bugs, ruining more and more radically the structure of its episodes, she lost us.

The questions were on the rise as he approached the end of this season. Despite some revelations – including the identity of Bernard, the programmer-in-chief of the park (Jeffrey Wright) – we did not know too much where Westworld was coming. Were there two temporalities ? That saw us through the eyes of Dolores, the humanoid in the rising consciousness (Evan Rachel Wood) ? Dreams, memories, reality ? The revolt of Maeve, maquerelle reprogrammed (Thandie Newton), was it sincere or orchestrated by the screenwriter of the park ? The series had she forgotten her resolutions and been plunged into a chaos how Lost ?

By four-twenty-ten-minute conclusion to a masterful, this tenth episode of Westworld has multiplied the revelations, and clarified the intentions of the series, without ever falling into the didactisme. A satisfactory demonstration for those who were beginning to feel lost, which gives more depth to the words and sub-texts of the series, and opens a new chapter…

Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), Felix (Leonardo Nam), Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and Maeve (Thandie Newton).

Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), Felix (Leonardo Nam), Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and Maeve (Thandie Newton).


At its heart, the mysterious labyrinth that is sought by the man in black (Ed Harris) : it is the imagined concrete, a hidden area, a passage to a new level of “game” that this incarnation of the “gamer” insatiable applies to cracker since the first episode (1). It is revealed to abstract, psychological, metaphysical, and available only to the robots. To reach the center of the maze for a machine, it is self-awareness, begin to exist for good.

It’s the battle of Dolores, which was designed by Arnold (Jeffrey Wright), and against the will of Robert (Anthony Hopkins) – in a combat fratricide started even before the opening of the park, to find freedom and ” enter the world “, the true. A battle she was steadily losing, for decades, in spite of his sacrifices – or thanks to them, finally, because this are the memories of his suffering that enabled him to gradually realize his deepest nature. “I suffer, therefore I am “, said in substance this tragic character, aptly named, which includes in fine that all the discussions that she believed to have with his creator were monologues with himself, his double, his conscience.

The battle between Arnold, benevolent god looking to the emancipation of his creatures, and Robert, god manipulator, obsessed with the “stories” that he wants to relate, ended in a bloodbath, a settling of accounts to OK Computer on a background of Exit Music Radiohead (the group used the most in the B. O. of Westworld). As before the park opens, it will be necessary for the death strike in order to start a new chapter, for that are alive with the silicone body. A new humanity once enslaved, which by the grace of his immortality will be able to take control of the future. Unless all this is only one of the ultimate handling of Robert…

what will you tomorrow ? Maeve, persuaded to make his own decisions, does it follow a new story set in the hard disk ? The love that feels Teddy for Dolores can it be sincere ? Will we discover, like in the movie of the 70′s in which the series is based, that there are other parks next to Westworld, including a world replicating the feudal Japan ? A lot of things have been explained in this end-of-season controlled end-to-end, hectic and dizzying. But it is, at least, as much of the thrilling questions for season 2, which is expected only in 2018…

The season 1 Westworld is also available in catch-up on OCS Go.

Teddy (James Marsden)

Teddy (James Marsden)



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