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Before A Bigger Splash, The Pool: when the antics preceded the crash – Express

The images are black and white. The grain of the film betrays the past, but nothing prevents to add color to this. On 12 August 1968, a small plane from Berlin landed on the runway of the airport of Nice.

Alain Delon, 33, as beautiful as a truck, surrounded by reporters, is pacing. Romy Schneider, 30, is preparing to disembark. In a few days they will start shooting Pool , a sunny thriller, signed Jacques Deray. On the tarmac, Delon has had time to warn the congregation. “Romy became a woman It’s not a girl, not more Sissi, with its well-rounded cheeks Besides, you go. you notice it just now. ”

Just now, it is now. Smiling and beautiful, Romy down the few steps in a sleeveless dress. She wears white gloves, like a queen on official travel. His gestures are hesitant, almost clumsy, and add to the charm of this resurgence. Delon, open shirt, hair flying, not flowers. The roses have faded.

Ten years since the actor, a young first, waited in another airport the same woman, already star, who had chosen a simple picture to be her knight on the screen. “His character was false! Was then thought Romy Schneider. He was too well capped, too well dressed, with his costume very fashionable. Even the bouquet of roses that he had in his hand was too red.” It did not stop the two of them to love. Then to leave. Delon had put roses near his breakup letter.

Today, the roles are almost reversed. In Nice, Romy finally makes landfall. Delon’s kisses, hugs to better protect it. She seems relaxed, but pursed lips betray emotion. A reporter approached: “You are moved?” While Romy, suffocating, nods awkwardly, Alain, confident, puffs out his chest: “You, too, are moved behind the microphone -” The sparkling eye, he looks at the goal knowingly.

He is aware that what is at stake here is already part of the legend. This reunion, everyone dreamed. Romy and Alain, the star couple of not so distant time. She has since chosen a quiet life in Berlin. He, omnipresence. Delon is a star. It was he who called Romy asking him to return to France and printing again the film its powerful beauty. Like before.

Initially, the producers made a face at the thought of engaging a somewhat forgotten actress. But Delon can do everything. So Sissi – who is no longer Sissi – turns up pronto. Delon rekindles the fire that was believed extinct. Soon, between them, will be hot. A history of water with lots of swirls. Like before. Or almost.

After the antics, the crash

In seven days in sunny Ramatuelle exactly they will be Marianne and Jean-Paul: Jacques Deray adapts a novel Jean-Emmanuel Conil (aka Alain Page, the future author of Tchao Pantin for fans of thrillers). Jean-Paul and Marianne are beautiful, they love and take it easy in a villa with pool, make love in the afternoon with the big blue backdrop.

On the surface, everything is luxury, calm and voluptuousness. Until one day land the gambler Harry (Maurice Ronet) and his daughter, while grace and discretion (Jane Birkin, 22, already Gainsbourg muse). Tension, jealousy and seduction … dives into the pool. The presence of Maurice Ronet also invites memories: Full sun , 1960, René Clément, from a thriller by Patricia Highsmith. Delon and Ronet on a boat. Ronet falls overboard. What’s left? Heightened virility. Marie Laforet, their female partner then-garde mixed memories of the two males. “Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet were so pretentious, so scornful: two assholes!” New balls.

STORIES & gt; & gt; The pool, well-dressed movie (1969)

Both were not chastened, but Romy does not suffer. From this location, the quiet Jacques Deray provides: “There is the sun, the pool, the actors are there all the time, there are no complicated work plan or tensions between players, each at his way, at their own pace. The dream! ” In Paris, however, Serge Gainsbourg severe anxiety about Jane to see her spend her time between the two jokers. The cabbage head man is ready to take to the South with his Rolls and his gun. “If there is one that touches on Jane, I stumble!” He told his friend Pierre Grimblat producer. It’s not so Delon scares me, but Ronet … This one, with its air of not touching it! “

But nothing to report gossip side on the set of pool . This does not prevent sex sweating from every pore of the film. in the credits, first seen in the reflection of a still water, chirping of doves on branches a tree. the choirs boring music a tad bombastic Michel Legrand suddenly stop. Delon is lying at the edge of the basin. the dark skin, torso at attention. Romy Schneider, the body dripping, sticks that of his Apollo. He kisses her and then a clever gesture, unbuttons her top of her swimsuit. “scratch my back … Aaaaaah, nobody does it like you …” Sighs . There long since the white doves flew. But we are in the cinema, and the phone ringing ends the torrid embrace. at the other end is Ronet announcing his arrival. No more nonsense. After the antics, the crash.

Few dialogues, many looks

It is August 1968. The May revolt is still warm, yet in Ramatuelle, everyone seems fuck them madly. The film, for that matter. Under the paving stones, the beach. In The pool, off-field does not exist. He reigns over the plate a little bourgeois hedonism fully assumed. 1969, the year of the film, will in any way erotic. Deray The camera is discreet. It examines, for burglary, the slightest movements of the characters, cautiously approaching faces to capture the violence behind the masks. “With players like these, the camera can drag on a bit close,” says the filmmaker.

Jean-Claude Carrière, co-writer, recalls: “I wrote the script in indirect dialogues I felt that there was a melodramatic challenge and I wanted them to talk about anything but. . of conflicts between the characters directly to Jacques Deray It was appropriate, coming out of a movie dialogued by Audiard He told me. “with his text, I have to shoot the speaker So unless you put me. words, the more you stimuleras my imagination! ‘ In the end, there is very little dialogue and a lot of looks. ”

The pool was released in January 1969. In the middle of winter gray, the film foreshadows the colors of summer. Over 2.5 million spectators plunge with Romy and Alain. The couple, who is not yet a further, all the rage in one of the newspapers. Delon continues its incredible ascent. As for Schneider, his career will experience a second unexpected breath. And what a second wind! A few weeks ago, in a corner of the studio where it ensures the dubbing of The pool , a Claude Sautet observe the beautiful to her singing. For him and her, this is the beginning of a glorious cooperation: The things in life, César and Rosalie, Max, scrap dealers, Mado, A Simple Story

April 2016. Romy flew long, Deray and Ronet too. Delon, he is alive, but no longer turns. Recently, for the purposes of an advertising campaign, a prestigious brand of perfume has emerged a picture of the actor, period Swimming . The actor, at the height of her beauty, became icon.

This has not prevented the Italian director Luca Guadagnino recolor Pool . To hell with the idols! Here, Tilda Swinton is Schneider, Matthias Schoenaerts, Delon; Ralph Fiennes, Ronet and Dakota Johnson, Birkin. Reached by telephone, assumes Guadagnino: “This is a reinterpretation My film tries to understand how the characters deal with their urges and their pleasure Desire beings leads to a denial and a great nostalgia in that… , a Bigger Splash is a film today. Our time is melancholy. In 1969, everything seemed more cheerful. ”

Hence the furious desire to (re) plunge again and again into the murky waters of the past necessarily idealized. The last shot of the film shows Deray Romy Schneider in the same white dress that upon his arrival at Nice airport. In the frame of a villa window, one sees nestled in the arms of Alain Delon. Outside, the camera looks lovingly and holding prisoners. Leaving only eternity.


Maurice Ronet, the splendid disenchanted, José-Alain Fralon (ed the Equator.).

A Bigger Splash , Luca Guadagnino with Tilda Swinton, Schoenaerts, Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson … In room.


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