Saturday, April 2, 2016

Guns N ‘Roses sign their comeback in Los Angeles – Le Figaro

The legendary American hard rock group met Friday, April 1 at the LA Troubadour, the room that launched his career. That was over twenty years Axl Rose and Slash had not gathered to play their hits.

It’s been over twenty years that ‘Axl Rose and Slash had not been together on stage. Friday, April 1, no fish in sight for the two musicians have believed many fans. Early in the day they announced a concert the same evening, the tickets were put on sale from midday. A real event for the American hard rock band Guns N ‘Roses and the 500 lucky ones who were able to attend.

For the occasion, the group chose to occur in a room smaller but with which it has formed a special relationship. Axl Rose and Slash are thus mounted on the LA Troubadour scene, place that had welcomed them to their debut. There the two friends – one without his usual bandana, the other with his top hat on the head must – have initiated a set where they had met their finest tubes: It’s so Easy , Welcome to the Jungle or Mr Brownstone .

Guns N 'Roses, & # xE0; the poster Troubadour & # xE0, Los Angeles.

Guns N ‘Roses, on show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles Copyright:

The concert Friday night has ended years of reformation rumor group, formed in 1985 and separated in 1993. Axl Rose was already back on stage with other musicians, he still had not found grounds to agreement with Slash to play again with him. That is repaired. Earlier this year, they had already announced they would meet in April at the American festival Coachella.

Finally, the singer and guitarist could not wait and have chosen a different context to head back to the scene in their hometown. Their performance at the Troubadour therefore officially kicked off their reunion tour. Friday, Guns N ‘Roses has also announced the details of this series of concerts called Not in This Lifetime Tour . Far from the intimacy of the Troubadour, they will take this time the way stadiums, from Detroit to San Diego, also via Mexico City and Toronto.


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