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Zaha Hadid: the heroine of the architecture is gone – Inrocks

Formidable businesswoman at the head of an agency 450 employees, it has built in 55 countries and it was also the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize in 2004, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in architecture.

Its main agency based in London announced March 31 the sudden death of the architect of a heart attack while she was hospitalized in Miami for acute bronchitis.

Zaha Hadid was friendly and loyal, his life journey is undeniably exceptional, from childhood until today. She possessed an extraordinary workforce “reflects Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, artistic director, Associate of the DPA and formed during the 1988-1989 year at the Anglo-Iraqi.

Born in Baghdad in 1950, a wealthy businessman daughter, Zaha Hadid will follow a first mathematics course of study in Beirut, Lebanon. It is thriving in British society in the 70s that will be formed to architecture. Within the AA in London, she worked alongside the equally famous Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi, with which it will be associated for two years before starting his own agency in 1979. The experimental education of Alvin Boyarsky, president of the famous institution , will be decisive. She learned that architecture is also an artistic adventure.

His early research materialize by superb very large format paintings, inspired by the Russian Suprematist movement, such as those of the competition, lost to the Peak club in Hong Kong in 1983. “ It revolutionized architectural representation and also the discipline as we build buildings that seemed inconstructibles ,” said Philippe Trétiack, writer and reporter .

the broken lines, bending and cantilever gigantic concrete find to be realized thanks to new computer tools and especially with the support of an architectural patron, Rolf Fehlbaum director Vitra furniture company. On the site of its factory in Weil am Rhein in Germany, it offers Zaha Hadid the opportunity to build for the first time, and beautifully. Fire Station delivered in 1993, deserted a few years later, will become a museum of architecture exposing himself.


This first period will give rise to concrete projects of a beautiful expressivity. Will follow a more biomorphic period, reminding the shapes of seashells or sand ripples that had fascinated the architect during the holidays of his childhood. This is the parametric time reification flowing curves is sometimes laborious, using heavy and expensive structures, often financed by new Asian fortunes, attracted by the character of Hadid.

it is the first implementation in the architecture of diva model , “says critic François Chaslin. A status it refuted while cultivating with the largest natural both by its strange beauty that Fellini by his choice of structured clothing designers. Anyway, she has marked his time with buildings, more or less successful, according questioning Hadid “ the interface between architecture, landscape and geology .” Actress major development of new technologies in its discipline, it has been first, including through speech, one of the very greatest artists of his generation.


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