Monday, April 4, 2016

Last night on TV: The Visitors: you liked? We recommend … – Screenrush

Last night on TV: The Visitors: you liked? We recommend …

Writing ▪ Monday, April 4, 2016 – There are 7 minutes

In additional films aired on television, writing Allociné helps you complete your cinephile by recommending three other films. This week, “The Visitors” by Jean-Marie Poiré.

Last night was broadcast on TF1 the Visitors Jean-Marie Poiré. You have loved ? Then discover without further delay our three recommendations of movies that should please you as much

Another collaboration keyboard / Perry. Guardian Angels. “A few years before playing Asterix and Obelix, Gerard Depardieu and Christian Clavier form an explosive duo with hilarious gags, some scenes may well be described as cults, under the benevolent camera Jean-Marie Poiré, who chaining then the excellent quality comedies “ Clement CUSSEAU

angels trailer guards another time travel worship. Back to the future . “” Zeus Name Martyyy “Returns to the future cradled the childhood many of us! We all jubilee seeing the big bad Biff take a manure truck the head and s’ is all twisted with laughter at the antics of Doc Emmett Brown and Marty! and you know what? We do not get tired! to watch again and again! “ Vincent FormicaAviez you noticed? Emissions Bonus Another medieval comedy: Holy Grail. “With this medieval fantasy comedy considered cult Monty Python grow at its peak the art of the absurd and the craziness. There is no logic to search through these incredible adventures of King Arthur, just . to revel in this nonsense humor which combines knights who say “Ni”, coconut and hatchets sounds killer rabbit “ Guillaume MartinMonty Python and the holy Grail trailer


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