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Section Zero: Braquo a Mad Max sauce for the new series of Canal + – Screenrush

“This is the worst story I’ve written” a provocative, Olivier Marchal sets the tone by presenting its new series, developed a thriller anticipation for Canal +. Violent and political, Section Zero takes place in a world of Mad Max.

What is it about?

In 2024, in a Europe left to abandonment by states, multinationals have taken the reins of the economy. post-apocalyptic atmosphere for an idle population returns to its most basic state and is replaced by a survival instinct characterized by daily violence. While Prometheus faction more or less in charge, gave up the lower classes, former cops still resist and try somehow to maintain some form of order. Led by Sirius, the group will join the Section Zero, set up by former police officers, to large-scale justice.

Francis Renaud, Juliette Dol and Ola Rapace, dark hero in the service of justice.

Anticipation, not SF

the first words of the series immediately put the story in context. The future here is close concerned – in 2024 – therefore even more scary when you discover the images of a city neglected and heavily armed people with a lot of drugs, prostitutes and ruthless violence. An environment that is reminiscent, lost, the Son of Man. Olivier Marchal defines his series with a “pessimistic political vision, a warning cry,” she “foreshadows what is happening today.” If the policy is not in the center of the story is that he wanted to make the general public. About the policies are only in subtext. The anticipation here is a pretext to tell something deeper. It includes familiar elements but not thrown into a terrible future. The kind of anticipation, controlled mainly by American filmmakers, caused in Marchal and producers a form of anxiety until shooting the foreground, a fear of ridicule but also a fear of offending an audience affected by news too heavy. Besides its Pessimistic view of the world to come, it’s mostly for fun and artistic challenge that Marchal placed his story in the near future

<-.! [if supportlists ] -> Mad Max, ultimate inspiration

Production has advanced enormously means to make realistic vision Marchal. Filming for six months took place mainly on location in Bulgaria, as well as in the major European studios. The universe is reminiscent, and the author does not hide the Mad Max universe. Everything from cars to actors, has been designed with this reference in mind. Marchal calls his series of “urban western”, of “dream requiem”. The idea was to recreate the anxiety side of the world who almost reached the status of Greek tragedy. The purpose is Manichean; the heroes are seeking justice, good fights evil. As for the choice of its protagonist, Marchal wanted a nice, physical actor, “Russel Crowe French” … the Swedish instead. This is Ola Rapace embodies the hard Sirius. Straight from the north of Europe, he has cut his teeth in Wallander, criminal investigations. With a look of tortured cop, it blends naturally into the atmosphere very cinematic of the series. The Mad Max world is also found in the mastery of sound and silence that Marchal “worked the same level as the image”.

2024: A world sorry that looks like a Mad Max


violence, paw Marchal

of course, no Marchal without violence. The atmosphere is dark, rough and dusty. It is the law of arms prevails. “The characters are violent because they live in the heart of the Violence”: this is how Catherine Marchal, Elie Klein in the series, justifies the actions of the characters. Hence these cops who use all means, even the unclean, to establish justice. Olivier Marchal keeps repeating: the characters “get up in the morning not knowing if they are alive in the evening.” Laurent Malet, who plays Papa Charly, said: “Cinema allows the violence to become acceptable.” Marchal back on that as the population undergoes daily today. No need to be in Section Zero not to see that it is present in the world and the current reality. A deflected Gandhi quote punctuates the About the author: “violence is necessary, more than dishonor.” In addition to his characters and his arms slaughter and bloodshed, violence is reflected in the decor. Off the track, the anticipation chosen by Olivier Marchal is regressive. Where the kind often highlights the technological prowess and automation of mankind, he decided to return to a prehistoric world, medieval

. humanity primarily

In this world post-apocalyptic plague gaits where the men most ruthless, the heroes are constantly fighting, either for themselves or for others. The characters are bad boys defects as large as their qualities, which continues to fuel our empathy for them and makes us tolerate their violence. This dark universe is ultimately a pretext to reveal the nature of men. The dehumanization of certain characters, those in the Prometheus Group, finds its balance with the altruism of others – the group led by Sirius. If it is a “hopeless cop” – that is how his interpreter defines – it remains one that will be asked by Franck Varnove aka Tcheky Karyo, to join the Zero Section, intended to recover from order in society and fight for “a better world”. His acolytes are also not less dehumanized. Marchal attributed to the character of Francis Renaud a “poetic darkness” and combines Papa Charlie, the character of Laurent Malet, with its own history, that of an old nostalgic cop. He shines especially during a memorable sequence rocked by Sacha Distel. Humanity also emanates female characters that the author defines as “light.” They are strong and suffer in the same way as men. Finally, all represent a face resistance precisely the dehumanization of society and it is above all the idea that Olivier Marchal vehicle with Section Zero.

Join the section Zero from Monday 4 April at 21h on Canal +.


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