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The last tango “Gato” Barbieri – The World

Gato Barbieri September 15, 2006 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Born in Rosario (Argentina), November 28, 1934, Leandro Barbieri, known as” Gato “, died April 2, 2016, in a New York hospital, said his wife Laura, suites of pneumonia. His first wife was named Michèle – essential role in the relationship of music and film. In November 2015, we could still hear Gato Barbieri at its monthly recital at the Blue Note. He no longer had the aura that was his in the 1960s and 1970s, but its fame always exceeded the seventh circle of “jazz”.

His name stirs those of Don Cherry, Carla Bley, Charlie Haden, Enrico Rava, Steve Lacy, JF Jenny-Clark and Nana Vasconcelos: more than a band, a heart of community, of thought, of political purpose and love. today we would say the “anti-globalization”, one of his triumphs was, in Montreux, 1973, the very Third World El Pampero . The bright face, leftist, popular, festive, present in all political meetings and on all the catwalks of joy, very found “ free jazz .”

” the cat “in the hat

Barbieri, we note three details: the nickname” Gato “, which was enough to identify (” cat “) to Chaffre etymologies as numerous as the pompous informants who instructed you in; his legendary black hat inspired a protest had stung him on 23 August 1977 at Chateauvallon (Var), the same probably had just bawl at the pianist Carla Bley: “ Returns to your furnaces ! “ (leftism has not given satisfactory results; the cons were the extent of the project); that his tenor saxophone that seemed demarcated from the rajo , the unmistakable crack of the vocal cords of Jerez flamenco. All this to say that he was, in his lifetime, clever face, little more stylish glasses than those of Lennon, a myth on stage and in life. Driven by storms happiness drums, his glowing lyricism was quick to dismiss the piss and vinegar-lovers to the head nodding. – The good amateurs

carpenter’s son, he teases the violin finds manly tenor with his maternal uncle (in the Structures of kinship , Levi-Strauss makes clear the importance in this jumble of the maternal uncle), and attack the south side the requinto . The clarinet is a requinto jivarisée that is not serious. Thereupon thunderbolt he falls on Charlie “Bird” Parker (a bad radio set in Buenos Aires): Pillar of Our Lady (see Claudel)! Joy, Joy, Joy Tears! (to recite the Memorial Pascal sewn into its lining until his death). Violist in the orchestra of fellow Lalo Schifrin, Gato chooses the tenor (1955).

In 1962, after a brief stay in Brazil (João Gilberto, etc.), he moved to Rome where he plays with Jim Hall and Ted Curson. It was in Paris, where Don Cherry was moving at Solex, trompinette in the pocket, in the spring of 1965 they met, never to leave. In New York, they carve a miracle – by definition restive any recording: Complete Communion tracking Symphony For Improvisers (1966). When we had the chance to experience live this blessed time of the devil, is just a little to be interviewed by a scared dude on the air: “ The first time you heard free jazz, you were frightened? Bewildered? Stunned? Assaulted? “must be checked.

Gato Barbieri November 18, 2015 in Las Vegas.

aesthetic all-terrain

The meeting with Giorgio Gaslini held in Milan ( Nuovi Sentimenti ). In 1967, he signed his first two personal albums, In Search Of The Mystery and Obsession , with Sirone on bass. Role of bass with Gato. In Rome, with Enrico Rava, Don Cherry, JF Jenny-Clark and some muses, they live in a community chairs Stick life holding of scientific experiment and aesthetic all-terrain.

the nature of current conflicts (eighty three wars at the counter, and as noble institutions that the Church torn flesh) gives this period quite sporty. On the older the hair band Gato, Steve Lacy who held the role of passer almost bilingual, was not without sagacity observed: “ Attenchion, attenchion, my friends, if you continouiez to lead the gracious life, God, it will punisser you …

Blonde and curly as that Seyrig, Carla Bley is another decisive encounter. Gato part in this masterpiece by Carla Bley and Paul Haines for the booklet: Escalator Over The Hill . 1968 looms everywhere, even at the Mexico Games. No, it was neither frightened nor dazed or stunned, let alone assaulted … Just as happy as before the epiphany of the free. Second masterpiece of a revolutionary band including Charlie Haden and Carla Bley carry the banner of protest (red), the Liberation Music Orchestra : Don Cherry, Perry Robinson, Dewey Redman, Michael Mantler , Roswell Rudd, Bob Northern, Howard Johnson, Sam Brown, Paul Motian and Andrew Cyrille. Less a band than a style of life and thought. For one week, to put osmosis time, the Liberation Music Orchestra is used generically to the irreplaceable “Pop Club” by José Artur, on France Inter.

struggles, drums

Gato recorded with south African pianist knighted by Duke Ellington, Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim). 180 ° turn around its South American origins, struggles, drums. Which leads us to the Notes Towards an African Orestes (1970), Pier Paolo Pasolini, where it appears much as he plays with the Sardinian bassist and percussionist Marcelo Melis Don Moye.

His commandos variable geometry, which follow one another the greatest bassists, drummers number (Airto Moreira, James Mtume) around pillars (Lonnie Liston Smith until 1973, Roswell Rudd …) get hit with vivid the young and the working classes. After that, they accentuate their latina tone, taste songs and messages ( Viva Emiliano Zapata! ), sing the Euphoria as one slab today in Melancholia .

It is now possible that we cross the bridge Bir Hakeim without immediately thinking of the Last Tango in Paris (1972) by Bernardo Bertolucci, another confidant to the band . This is Gato who composed the music, recording in passing one of his golden Grammys. Small curiosity, when we see the neighbor who makes his exercises on tenor screen (it sees from the kitchen where the butter is in the fridge), the sound is that of Gato but the set that plays saxophone is black. Ah! real effects … Let’s …

fans, good fans, hold the end of the Gato Barbieri career for too popular and commercial. Reread this point The Miller, his son and the donkey (Jean de La Fontaine). vintage musician, his cathedral, bowel movements revolutions attempt to Hip Hop All Stars (2000), so we both lost the passion of history?


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