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We saw “The Visitors 3″: it traînasse! – The Obs

When producers of a film avoid showing the reporters as if it were stashed an account in Panama, this is rarely a good sign. We say they should not be very proud. It is expected a dung first category. It better captures their calculation discovering “the Visitors 3″ on Wednesday April 6 at 9 am in a large Parisian room nearly empty.

This is not a first class dung . But this is far from a masterpiece. Above all, it’s not that funny. Much less, in any case, as the first adventures of the tandem formed by the beefy Godefroy Amaury de Malfête, Count of Montmirail (Jean Reno), and the small Jacquouille (Christian Clavier), which had attracted over 13 million viewers in 1993 or even that their result, “the Corridors of time”, released in 1998

Visitors 3. N’Zonzi Pascal why he has not his name on the poster? (The only one)

“The Visitors: Revolution”, there are the two most morons heroes from medieval times, always before the hysterical camera Jean-Marie Poiré (with twelve or fifteen shots per minute, the guy who did the installation should be with Parkinson). A cardboard kindly reminds us of previous episodes: basically, after a round trip between their home and the twelfth century France in the 1990s, the ancestor of the Hub cousin landed in 1793 with his Fripouille

<. p> under the Terror, so to be sure to show us the French Revolution in its most sympathetic looks and more cartoonish Robespierre is icy, Marat navy in the bath as the Grevin Museum, the sans-culottes are oxen for an ugliness usually quite repulsive and racist aristocrats spiky ridiculous tics. It is the abolition of privileges for Dummies. We understand that it does not displease Jacquouille. Moreover, amidst this carnival costumes, there are many a tirade on equality coming, but it was passed on to Franck Dubosc, who plays a distant “Fillot” Montmirail, ie if what a dream.

“I merdassé”

The first line says it all. This is Reno roaring under his bowl cut: “The scoundrel, you traînasses”. The film also. It always causes the old Francois as a sketch of the Unknown ( “I merdassé” whines keyboard which means “to return pronto time bagnoles”). Godefroy the Hardy stinks beak and feet, Jacquouille stinks everywhere (this is convenient, it gives rise to a small quarantine gags). Robespierre jammed (Nicolas Vaude) has the cliche because it is guzzler too spicy sausages.

At first, true to its old feudal gross reflexes, Reno wants to “put the dolphin on his throne” (that’s screenplay office for an hour). Then as if he understood the film in a bad way, he said it would be better able to find an enchanting return under Louis le Gros (it allows to complete the deal by providing the possibility of a fourth episode in a fourth time since the spells are inevitably crappy in “the Visitors”). For the rest, it simply the bare minimum.

The new actors embedded in the adventure do the job as they can. Sylvie Testud, who plays the sister of Robespierre, is creamy cottage with a big blah avid social vengeance (Jacquouillet descendant of Jacquouille obviously played by keyboard). Marie-Anne Chazel N’Zonzi and Pascal are ready concierges all meanness to please Marat

Karin Viard, alias Adelaide Montmirail, is spoiled. She lugs around a bulky sauerkraut on his head and a tribe broken arms in his car on horseback (Alex Lutz, Stephanie Crayencour ary abittan) to find her husband (Franck Dubosc so) that the trunk in Paris with a crane. Their faces competition will perhaps one day be fun to contemplate, in front of his TV, family, when you have nothing better to do. Meanwhile, it lacks curiously dinguerie.

Repeat Comic

Anyway, the point is not there. Neither the clumsy scatology or in the supported gestures or winded in the scenario. The key in these “visitors 3″ is to build on the repeat comic

The dialogues are patched for that. Allow keyboard-Jacquouille to resettle his famous quotes ( “day- night “,” puire it “,” it’s cool “,” is okayyy “) to awaken the nostalgia of the viewer; try him make new when this excited parrot structured loop language elements it contains only half ( “We’ll take them all, it will make their feet,” “Hooray, it’s more secular “), to be sure that stores the way out.

One remembers that the recipe had too much market, there are twenty-three. It is still said that for a film set during the Revolution, all this is not very revolutionary.

Gregory Leménager


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