Sunday, May 8, 2016

By inference, a Quebec teenager discovers a forgotten Mayan city – Ouest-France

William Gadoury 15 years and lives in Joliette, Quebec. And it just made a sensational discovery, reports the Journal of Montreal: a Mayan city! No less …

Passionate this Central American civilization, William Gadoury had the idea to compare with 22 Mayan constellations mentioned locations. He realized that the route of the stars of the 22 constellations, which were sacred to the Maya, corresponded to the locations of 117 Mayan cities … It was the first time a relationship between position of stars and cities was operated. First exploit for William Gadoury.

But the teenager did not stop there. By analyzing a 23rd constellation, which had three stars, he found that it corresponded to two cities. So he marked on a map which could be located – if his theory was right – a possible third city, connected to the third star

It has identified a location in an isolated place and inaccessible Yucatan. , in Mexico. Analyses of satellite images of the area highlighted in this particular place different buildings, which could be a forgotten ancient Mayan city. An analysis confirmed by Dr. Armand Larocque, remote sensing specialist at the University of New Brunswick.

There would be a pyramid and thirty building, which would make it one of the five largest cities ! Mayan

William Gadoury christened his discovery K’ÀAK ‘CHI’ – “fire Mouth” in french. Its discovery will be published in a scientific journal, and he got congratulations from the Canadian Space Agency.

Now, her goal is to go there. It’s complicated, and it will be expensive, but Mexican archaeologists have promised to take her with them.


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