Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rapper arrested for drug trafficking apology – Le Figaro

An amateur rapper Perpignan was identified and arrested by police after posting on the Internet a video where he was defending drug trafficking and violence, have we learned from police sources. A monitoring device in the neighborhood of Cité sunny Perpignan allowed the fight against the Perpignan squad narcotics assisted by the BAC (anti-crime brigade) to see live more transactions, on Tuesday afternoon, and call five customers and the 25 year-old rapper.

Some 16.5 kilos of cannabis resin, 3 kilos of herbal cannabis and more than 15,000 euros cash were seized during a search of the Apartments provided the backdrop to the video shoot. The police also found all the necessary material for resale of drugs (packaging, scales), said the same source, that traffic had lasted several months. The video clip of 3 minutes, removed from the internet, showed several individuals whose gloating rapper bundles of money medium, stacked cannabis resin pads and weapons.

The main respondent, who denied the charges during his custody, was referred to the prosecutor of Perpignan, which was to decide any proceedings against him.


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