Friday, May 13, 2016

Cannes 2016 – My Loute Bruno Dumont’s “fascinating film” or “failed comedy” according to the press – Screenrush

My Loute, the new film by radical Bruno Dumont, is presented in the official competition of the 69th Cannes Film Festival. As usual, the French filmmaker did not leave marble international critics on the Croisette …

Back on the Croisette two years after unveiling its P’tit Quinquin, french filmmaker Bruno Dumont present in official competition My Loute. A film that has not won all the votes of criticism, a habit for the author of Humanity and Outside Satan …

Isabelle Regnier / Le Monde: “in this big pot when melodrama argument the burlesque, gore the thriller, the majestic landscapes grotesque characters, mechanics seizes a bit sometimes, but as with any experimental protocol, it is part of play. “ Lire Full Review

Aurélien Allin / Cinemateaser: “But the worst is not so much in the absence of incarnation of the story or that sensation stuttering of a formula. The worst simply that my Loute is deeply missed comedy. What more insufferable and vain to see the stars play actors trying to be funny? “ Lire Full Review

Arnaud Schwartz / The Cross: “If Juliette Binoche and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi doing quite well out (hat) of an extravagant game, Fabrice Luchini mimicry supported to become bored, like repetitive gags pair of investigators to ground unfairly distributed. “the jubilation is a purge,” said Bruno Dumont. So be it. But the purge may be futile . “ Lire Full Review

Eric Moreault / La Presse “The crazy comedy Bruno Dumont did fly through foldingues performance of the great Juliette Binoche and the eccentric Fabrice Luchini. “ Lire criticism complete

Peter Debruge / Variety: “Luchini and Binoche are totally devoted to their cartoony characters, even if it makes sense to interpret these bourgeois by stars, it is almost painful to see these actors struggle to be as eccentric as other non-professional actors. “ Lire Full Review

Peter Bradshaw / The Guardian: “My Loute is a fascinating film, cinematically extravagant and meticulous, but perhaps a little too long. The previous work of Dumont, P’Tit Quinquin paradoxically worked better with its mini-series format, with its surrealistic episodes, its deviations and dead ends, which allowed to explore everything. Perhaps that comedy is too forced as violence and mystery of humanity at the time, in 1999. “ Lire Full Review

The trailer of “My Loute”:

My Loute Trailer


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