Friday, May 13, 2016

Cannes Film Festival: all you need to remember on Friday 13 May – Le Figaro

Recap – Fabrice Luchini and his “hate” for the aperitifs, the new film by Ken Loach I, Daniel Blake cheered by the press, the apologies of Laurent Lafitte, the panties Amal Clooney and Caitriona Balfe … See the film of the day.

● the sequence emotion of the day

I, Daniel Blake Ken Loach, selected in official competition, was presented Friday at Cannes. At 80, the British director who had announced his retirement has lost none of its strength and its social demands and even managed to draw tears festivalgoers. Upset, the press applauded the film unanimously. Release planned soon.

● The movie of the day

If the new film My Loute Bruno Dumont was be welcomed with enthusiasm by most festival-goers, some of our critics Le Figaro were not convinced, saying the film too long and “clumsy”. Expected release May 13, 2016.

● The heart strokes parallel sections

Presented at the Directors’ Fortnight, Neruda Pablo Larrain has seduced our critics by avoiding the “trap of hagiography and easy romance.” Pari also managed to Stéphanie Di Giusto and dancer. For his screen debut, the filmmaker uses two talented young actresses, the Soko and Lily-Rose Melody Depp singer. Expected release September 28, 2016.

● The controversy of the day

The master of ceremony Laurent Laffite apologized publicly on Twitter on Friday after his joke about rape, which subsequently fueled a debate about Woody Allen. Speaking to Woody Allen, whose film Café Society was opened, out of competition, the actor launched Wednesday night at the opening ceremony: “It’s good that you are in France because that in recent years you have toured extensively in Europe, while you are not even convicted of rape in the United States. “well closest words to reality than is suspected Laurent Lafitte. Hours earlier, the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, recalled in an incendiary forum that for 20 years his sister accused their father of abusing her. Fortunately, according to Variety , the director of 80 years do not feel upset and reiterated that he appreciated the humor in all its forms, even “provocative”.

● Quote of the day

at the press conference My Loute , Fabrice Luchini told to have had difficulty interpreting his character. He referred in particular one scene where he has to pretend to be happy … to the cocktail hour. “But I hate aperitifs! And I hate the French who like it! Aperitifs me, it gives me the drone! It moves dinnertime while you just want grailler, it gives you cholesterol and it makes you fat “has won the actor, with his usual enthusiasm.

● The mishap of the day

As Sophie Marceau year, Amal Clooney and Caitriona Balfe were victims of the Cannes wind Friday. The dresses of the women are gone, revealing their panties on the red carpet under the watchful eye of the photographer …


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