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Radiohead finds the heights with “A Moon Shaped Pool” – Le Monde

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The cover of the 9th album of Radiohead, &  quot; A Moon Shaped Pool & quot ;.

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in recent days, two songs, Burn the Witch and Daydreaming , each illustrated with a video clip, were unveiled in quick succession, which promise the change from the King of Limbs (2011), latest album of the group. This impression was confirmed by listening to A Moon Shaped Pool , which saw Thom Yorke and his band reinvest creativity with an exciting field of organic instrumentation

Long liberating. – When Radiohead escaped from the rock sphere of OK Computer , with the albums Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) – music e had eventually led the quintet to a dead end. A force to escape the routine of the song format, the English then favored rhythmic complexity and sonic textures abandoning the melodic breath in favor of anxiety flood machinery and chants doloristes a stifling monotony.

If the group has not abandoned the digital technology or synthetic environments (hypnotic loops of Ful Stop , worthy of Massive Attack), A Moon Shaped Pool gives the star an acoustics oxygenating again the inspiration of those born researchers.

Radiohead rediscovered the game dynamic and breathing the virtues

Because not rely on them to shoes back here rock classicism slippers. If guitars, bass, piano and drums are heard again, very often with string orchestrations, how this instrument is played, and triturated meeting proves once again an insatiable quest for experimentation and new sensations .

But the monolithic claustrophobic the Kings of Limbs (and solo albums by Thom Yorke, the Eraser and Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes ), Radiohead prefer here a variety of figures, rediscovering the game dynamic and virtues of breathing.

the somnambulistic tablecloths, icy waves and bewitching choirs London Contemporary Orchestra are among the dominant colors of these new soundscapes

First title released by the group and introduction of an album whose song order meets a strangely alphabetically Burn the Witch and shearing violins air expose the growing importance of this recording by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Led by Hugh Brunt, this young deemed not to draw together border between pop and art music, collaborated with movie soundtracks composed by Jonny Greenwood, guitarist and keyboardist inventive Radiohead. Alternating sweet and dramatic tension caresses, somnambulistic tablecloths and icy waves (sometimes in the same piece, like Glass Eyes or Decks Dark ), strings (4 violins and four violas) and bewitching choirs of the orchestra are among the dominant colors of these new soundscapes.

If they do not meet the electrical lyricism of the early group, guitar, bass and drums also play central roles. On a minimalist rock mode in Identikit or a pleasure very “seventies” in The Numbers . Also with a folk delicacy in Disk Desert Island , evoking the strange magic of Nick Drake and John Martyn or away, in Present Tense , the melancholy sensuality of bossa nova.

A Moon Shaped Pool ranks among the tops discography Radiohead

As much exercises with melodic concerns are assumed by a Thom Yorke again voice. Responsible for some of the most moving tunes of the late twentieth century, vocalist tortured had finally escape the harmonic clarity, as if she was being too easily.

Without giving up the daring, Yorke abandons whining complacency of his last records, to regain strength and voice through which lets you place a Moon Shaped Pool from the tops of the discography of Radiohead.

Played for the first time in 1995 and contained far as the live EP I Might Be Wrong published in 2001, the song True Love Waits – originally performed on guitar . dry – is reinvented with a spectral piano conclusion of the album, symbolizing the renewed link with the melodies as much as a desire for perpetual renewal

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A Moon Shaped Pool Radiohead. Concerts: 23 and 24 May at the Zenith in Paris (full), 1 st June in Lyon, the Fourvière Nights (full)


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