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Sine between four boards – Liberation

“No more lying,” it was one of the last Sine Monthly, in reference, of course, standing at Night. Well if. There he lay, and this does not suit him at all. Sine died Thursday morning at the Bichat Hospital in 87 years. And one is shot like him. It’s rare people who shout and whose gueulantes are unique, flowing, beautiful.

In the last issue of his newspaper, as usual, there was his column. Sine, nicknamed Bob, knew that the end was near and did not hide: “It annoys me serious. Recently, you may have noticed that I did not swam in the joy of living in a Dionysian nor diehard optimism, although this is my usual inclination. I think, for some time, that my next disappearance, if not imminent, and feel death constantly lurks and weasel around me like a truffle pig. My moral, steel usual, looks mostly now in soft calf “ Then: ” It’s horribly boring not to think obsessively at his death approaching, to future funerals and grief of his family! I also think of all motherfuckers who will be rubbing their hands and it annoys me grave to die before them! “

” My balls “

Sine, c is as follows: seventy drawings, anger, breaks. Sine the old Sine, Sine the wicked! Sine that never changes. Anar, apart, away from any official recognition. One of his friends – for he had many, and not just any -, the rebel Jean Genet, wrote to him: “Dear Bob, you look me in many ways: you and me will never have the Legion of honor! Prévert maybe … Brassens also Sartre … But we surely … not! “

When he was 79 years, that is to say there eight years, there has been this break with Philippe Val, director of Charlie, that the accused of anti-Semitism for a column on a son of Nicolas Sarkozy and who then fired (see page 4) . Sine was delighted, as ever recovered. He welcomed us in his little house with flowers to Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis). priceless atmosphere. The oxygen delivery man landed with a new cylinder. “For some time, it found me a fucking lungs,” he told us. Not enough to worry him: “I’m a cantankerous. My revenge, I do not eat cold. Val and I’ll piss him off. Get fired for anti-Semitism, I “ And grinning: ” Let him blunder, with the oxygen that I do not care in the nose, I’m not ready to die “. in the galaxy of political cartoonists, sine is a rock. Always the same, always provocative. Val asks Sine apologize? “My balls,” Sine replied. Sine because it is everything except the world of excuses. This is the world of excess, the rant, talent too. Sine is Gavroche. His life ? He drinks, Braille, fuck “the idiots” and draws beautifully.

His real name Maurice Sinet he is a child of Barbès and Pigalle. His father was a blacksmith art, condemned several years with hard labor. Which contributed not a little to his chronic distrust of the state, justice and police. In the words of his official biography, Sine is gifted. At 14 he entered the Ecole Estienne, studied drawing and the model. At night, he earns his living by singing in nightclubs. One day he falls on the drawings of a Romanian became the most famous American illustrator Saul Steinberg. This will be one of its main sources of inspiration “. As soon as I saw the drawings Steinberg, I was hooked and I decided to try this job” in 1957, he received the grand prize of black humor for his book lament without words.

Then come the cats. Cats that will draw in all forms, in all the names. This will paste to the skin. His first cats were born to thank a friend for an evening, necessarily drunken: “Draw a cat? It was much cheaper than a sheaf of orchids or a case of vintage champagne, “ he says. While he did not deny. In 1957, Jean Yanne for text, he draws in an anticlerical magazine called I will-ty I Vatican and It’s the bubbles.

“numbers 9, 9 trial”

The war in Algeria is coming, and it will be a major turning point. His military service? It especially happens in the cell. He comes out, finally. With the success of Chats is known, recognized. Here he is in the Express as a political cartoonist. It is during the war. While briefly replaces François Mauriac to notepad newspaper, his “unblocks-notes” is the weekly missives outraged many of his readers. He says: “Violent. But never censored, despite numerous complaints. I stopped counting “

He taps on everything. On colonialism, De Gaulle, religions, military, God, stupidity. He left the Express launches newspaper Sine Massacre. “Nine issues, new trial,” , the last for “gross indecency”. Again, it gives free rein to his anti-colonialism, his Zionism his anti-capitalism, anti-clericalism and his anarchism.

in May 1968 he founded the Enraged with Jean-Jacques Pauvert and draws in Action. it is thus all the battles, all the excesses. “The letters of insults, it makes me happy. I do not care. “ But still, when asked and ask him if he was right, supporting Fidel Castro or the Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika ? “I can not help it if they become scoundrels. I was even pro-Mao. If I was younger, I would have been a Stalinist. “

In 1974, he joined the first Charlie team. ” In the beginning Charlie was not my thing. Not enough policy. I am prole, I do not like that one foute from the jaws of proles, I have affection for them. I recognized myself in them a little, my father or mother ironworker grocer. “ But Charlie, is well. He loves Reiser, Cavanna, Wolinski, Caster, Gébé. “Fuck, Willem, the quality of its design. And Reiser? A genius, not fashioned a pet. “

” Good Leukemia his store “

In 1992, he participated in the revival of Charlie Hebdo. Philippe Val is headed. “Val, it has qualities boss, that is for sure. And he wanted to make the new Charlie something like the Nouvel Obs “ Then:. ” 750 euros a chronic, it’s worth taking. It puts butter in the spinach. “

Sine does not change. He makes fun of Corsican nationalists. His house in Beauty of the island is completely destroyed. He flirts with Dieudonné and Europalestine list, yelled at by his friends, but does not repent anything.

Then came the break with Charlie. And his departure. “It is useless, but I am sad,” loose, then the Charb designer friend of Sine and support Val. Charb try unsuccessfully to return Sine Charlie when Val depart at France Inter and pass his hand. Charb was going to get killed by the mad balls.

Sine, lying then? Never. He runs with his wife, Catherine, in Sine Hebdo, and the Sine Monthly, as the finger to all the idiots. It works, it is due. And it does not change. Even sick, he continues to drink and smoke freely. He regularly gives “front News” of his illness. “This morning I woke up with an erection, albeit fleeting, but enough good quality! I who wore the tail annoyingly half mast in a long time, it cheered me up! All in all, worth almost instantly to catch a good leukemia from his store! It is likely, think I know that I will become sterile but, quite honestly, I contrefous. “

Sine is so, always the words are the strongest. “Dying? Never ! Rather die, “ he said. It was not the excesses that kept him was life, and the beautiful big life, which overflows on all sides.

Eric Favereau


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