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The thousand and one faces of Sherlock Holmes on screen – Le Figaro

Great, sarcastic, scathing, charming … the Sir Conan Doyle’s hero is a man with a thousand faces. The achievements of the small and big screen each have attempted to identify this fanciful character. Anthology of the best appearances.

The heroes of Conan Doyle never ceases to inspire filmmakers from small and big screen, each actor himself giving a different face. Peter Cushing Robert Downey Jr. through Benedict Cumberbatch, many Anglo-Saxon and American actors, often eccentric, embodied the famous detective.

Sometimes adapted cartoon in the hair of a fox, or Sherlock Holmes video game turns alternately in great investigator, debonair and romantic, original and offbeat or even scientific bohemian, eccentric and authoritarian.

Le Figaro offers to rediscover the most significant characters in television and film.

Sherlock Jr. ● Buster Keaton (1924)

falsely accused of stealing a watch, a projectionist falls asleep and dream super-detective. In the center of a silent film in black and white three-quarters of an hour, this burlesque abyss layout is the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes on screen. The allusion is indirect. It took the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1930 to see the first frontal adaptations.

● Sherlock Holmes with Peter Cushing (1965)

The first season of the adaptation of Conan Doyle will d first call to the English actor Douglas Wilmer fit for the role of the investigator with thin mustaches before preferred in a second time the interpreter of Count Dracula, Peter Cushing. Tour in 1964-1965, the issue will be served only four years later on the small British screen.

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Billy Wilder (1970)

Sherlock Holmes confronted the dwarves and the Loch Ness monster? It’s the wacky scenario imagined by Billy Wilder. A survey of the husband of a woman amnesiac takes the detective (Robert Stephens) on the banks of the legendary lake. The result succession of sketches crispy disappoint the director who had rather imagined a bold blockbuster.

● Sherlock Holmes Kyousuke Mikuriya and Hayao Miyazaki (1981)

Airing for the first time in Japan, then in Italy and France at the Club Dorothée, television series Italian-Japanese animation follows the adventures of private eye (shown here in the guise of a fox) and his sidekick, Dr. Watson (a dog) face the terrible teacher Moriarty, imagined as a wolf. Mikuriya and Kyousuke performed by Hayao Miyazaki, the series will be discontinued after six episodes due to a dispute with the first designer.

The secret of the pyramid Barry Levinson (1985)

Barry Levinson imagines the first survey of the famous detective. Sherlock (Nicholas Rowe) is then a spiritual teenager at college in London. With his friend John Watson, he examines the succession of unexplained killings that occurred around them after the hallucinations. The great Steven Spielberg participated in the production of this film peppered with humor and special effects.

● Sherlock Holmes Guy Ritchie (2009)

Directed by filmmaker Snatch the thriller steeped in esoteric and occult practices plunges the viewer into a murky world where deception and murder are ornate law. Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law will face the mysterious resurrection of a magician named Lord Blackwood. Real success at the worldwide box office, the movie will meet for the first to the big screen, the two English stars.

Sherlock Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat (2010)

And if the British detective lived in full twenty-first century … This bold scenario is one of the BBC series, which England won an unprecedented success. Sacarstique, cynical and unscrupulous, the modern adaptation of Sherlock BBC fits like a glove to Benedict Cumberbatch, who remain one of the most unforgettable proponents of role.

● Elementary Robert Doherty (2012)

Tour in the United States, the American series imagines the famous English detective (Jonny Lee Miller) became new York resident, just out of rehab and forced to live with Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), a former surgeon. Together, the two new companions must solve seemingly intractable crimes and help police NYPD

Sherlock Holmes. Crime and Punishment developed by Frogwares (2014 )

And if Sherlock Holmes was … yourself. The video game Crime and Punishment allows for this fantasy. It follows the famous detective and his faithful companion Watson throughout six investigations in London, more or less directly inspired by the new Arthur Conan Doyle. Successful graphics of the game earned him a warm welcome by the press.

● Mr. Holmes , Bill Condon (2016)

Magneto tucked his magical powers Gandalf and his long beard to Tolkien. Ian McKellen in this new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes enjoying retirement. Far from police investigations that punctuated his daily behind the walls of 221B Baker Street, Mr. Holmes takes care of bees in Sussex. No pipe or mustache old investigator will nevertheless take the hat. A crime will never resolved because of its tranquility.


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