Monday, August 8, 2016

After Game of Thrones, George RR Martin adapts a new universe – The Point

That fans dry their tears. While George R. R. Martin announced the end of Game of Thrones in two years, it would be preparing a surprise for the fans. The author of the famous saga launched on TV series adaptation in another universe, that Wild Cards . An announcement by the principal party on his blog. In a post published on August 6, he stated: “Universal Cable Productions (UCP) acquired the rights to adapt, on television, the anthology series of novels Wild Cards. “And the episodes could be very numerous, since the saga no less than 23 volumes.

Heroes super-powered

But Wild Cards the change in atmosphere is total. For this new work, completed the fantastic medieval sauce. This literary science fiction depicts superheroes and immerses readers in the years 1946. On September 15 of that year, an alien virus is released into the skies of Manhattan, New York (United States ). While the vast majority of those infected die, survivors mutate and gain super powers. With these new attributes, some decide to defend a noble cause: the human race

The author of Game of Thrones publishes this saga since 1987. The different books are written. in collaboration between several authors. Among them: Walter Jon Williams, Lewis Shiner or Roger Zelazny. The opportunity for fans of G. G. Martin to find the stories from the biggest feather of science fiction. Finally convince skeptics, George RR Martin highlights on his blog: “ Wild Cards is a series of books, graphic novels, games … but above all a universe as vast, diverse and exciting that the universe of comics from Marvel and DC [...] with a huge cast of characters major and minor. “In short, an almost inexhaustible vein.


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