Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Attacks: the Béziers Feria under high security – Le Figaro

After the recent terrorist attacks, the festival that each year brings together fans of bullfighting is forced to significantly strengthen its security arrangements on the occasion of its 2016 edition.

the Béziers Feria in Hérault will take place from 11 to 15 August 2016 under very high security device with a significantly strengthened after the attack of Nice, stressed Tuesday sub-prefect Christian Pouget.

“This is an important event for the city,” he explained at a press conference, adding that some 500,000 people were expected to bullfighting event.

Why cancel fireworks and keep draining events such crowds? In accordance with government guidelines, a “joint analysis of risks with municipalities” has been established at the Prefecture of the Hérault which listed the festivities and mobilized security forces replied the sub-prefect. “Trade-offs have been made,” continued Mr. Pouget, who was not able to quantify the cost of increased security measures. “He does not have to stop to live,” he said.

The CRS, a helicopter and sniper attending the party

The safety device experience therefore a clear rise compared to previous years: two companies CRS , the men of the mission Sentry , a helicopter of the gendarmerie and snipers will include positioned reinforcement of national and local municipal police forces. “We will position specialized people, snipers at appropriate places, so if you are told, I saw a person on a roof with a large gun, it’s normal,” said the sub-prefect. The operational headquarters will for the first time located within the sub-prefecture and not the conference hall and a municipal police representative will operate the CCTV of the city

Another measure announced. The points of entry into the scope of the Fair have been limited and will be controlled by private company officials, authorized to palpation and bag searches. The sub-prefect Christian Pouget also made an order banning any manifestation of anti-bullfighting arenas in the perimeter.

A stronger medical post and simplified justice

The medical post firefighters will be located in the heart of town, Place Charles de Gaulle. Some 85 to 110 rescuers, six to eight doctors and nurses will be mobilized as much, said police Lt. Stephen Gumiel, adding that barracks on the outskirts also ensure the guards.

On the side of justice, simplified procedures will be implemented for the most minor offenses, said the prosecutor of Beziers, Yvon Calvet. Conventional procedures will be applied to the most serious offenses. A prevention campaign was conducted especially among hoteliers and vehicle rental companies, incentives to prevent security forces in case of suspicious behavior of some customers, said the police commissioner, Benedict Desmartin.


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