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Matt Damon must meet to realize how Jason Bourne is a character part. The first component, The Bourne Identity in 2002, to fourth, released this week, that character of CIA hitman, transformed into a formidable amnesia after a renegade, is become increasingly nasty and taciturn – to have only 25 lines of dialogue in his latest adventure.

In real life, it’s just if the actor, wisely installed in the suite of a Parisian hotel, does not take you in her arms to greet you, before you give the printing want to have a chat to no time. We would share willingly, but the weather (it) is counted. “This only would I, apologizes actor, I talk an hour with each journalist, but I would have to rest a week in Paris.”

Now, Matt Damon has something else to do. No shooting, no. In one year, he has enquille four, has produced and even supervised a series (The Runner). The promotion of Bourne completed, he promised to take a year and stay quietly with his three daughters and his wife with whom he has been married since 2005. and of course, it will launch fully in the presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, democrat, committed forever. Contradicting the vengeful hero while muscles, Damon yearns for a normal life of a citizen like any other. And, against all odds, he succeeds.

In this, it has even become an exception among Hollywood stars. Back behind his Brad Pitt and George Clooney mates who, unlike him, are pursued by the paparazzi, it has long been mocked for his first tunes of the disciplined class archetypal gentle son and from the American middle class, born there are forty-five years of a stockbroker father and a schoolteacher mother, fed with corn flakes and loupant no Red Sox game, the team base- Baseball Boston. The total.

“It gives me peace because my daily nothing impressive, he says. I just live with the values ​​we instilled in me as never my priority interests ahead of the public interest if I was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, probably me I would rank the side of the Koch brothers [Editor's note: American billionaires industrial]. militerais and against the taxes. this is not my case and I’m very happy. ”

Are mirobolantes

Advocate. The word is out. He can not help himself. The concept runs through his DNA. All pacifist be it, Damon is a fierce activist. Attached to an integrity that is felt even in his professional choices. So he accepts the many proposals of superhero blockbusters, even when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan, and he prefers to engage on foolish projects like Only on Mars , which earned him a nomination for the oscar. Sound decisions in light of seals which swell with each film. It thus affects no less than $ 25 million to recover in the shoes of Jason Bourne – which brought in $ 60 million during its opening weekend in the US. At this rate, the man necessarily worth a visit.

If he refuses to  numerous blockbusters, Matt Damon judge the new  installment of the franchise Bourne & quot;  representative of the geopolitical situation &  quot; current

If he refuses to numerous blockbusters, Matt Damon judge the new installment of the franchise Jason Bourne” representative of the geopolitical situation “today.

Universal Pictures International France

Aware sums mirobolantes that revolve around his name, he warns: “A film like Jason Bourne is a huge dollar machine, but it was not a question of reactivating the franchise for a mere commercial reason. “felt on the verge of putting his hand on his heart to convince us, but his look devoid of any malice enough

Most importantly, it enquille unblinking. “with Paul [Ed: Greengrass, the director of three episodes of the saga], we expected the world to change to consider a new adventure . But since The Bourne Ultimatum, in 2007, where they addressed the war against terrorism following the attacks in Madrid, London and New York, the world has changed. Cyber ​​attacks, the revelations of Edward Snowden, if Julian Assange sort of power-cons from the activist community … And then the economic situation in Europe … When Paul called me and told me the first action sequence would be located during an anti-austerity demonstration in Greece, I immediately accepted. I found it smart and representative of the geopolitical situation. He had only to embroider around. “

However, the canvas is more haute couture than ready-to-wear. For Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is not a license like any other. And especially not like James Bond, whom he took a lead in the wing, to oblige producers to make darker the arrival of Daniel Craig.

“Unlike Bourne, a paranoid fugitive Bond belongs to the system. It is an imperialist and a misogynist who laughed after killing an enemy before quietly drinking a martini. Bourne does not use gadgets, makes no female conquest, traumatized by the loss of the woman he loved, and feel guilty for everything. It represents the people, when Bond represents the government. In this famous sequence in Greece, Bond would be assisted by the police. Bourne, he can count on the demonstrators. The audience can identify with him. This is one of them. As a friend. “

” Trump is a sick “

Not banal, buddy. But that’s not true. We obviously ranks of Meanwhile, however, with a bitter edge rather paradoxical. for nothing of mine, to be hunted by the CIA and all levels of government, democracy Bourne denounces corrupt to the bone. what disgusted voters and make switch in the “all rotten” cheap populist leaders. “ Bourne is a summer entertainment before being a political film, Matt Damon retorts. current concerns is translated without pretending to provide solutions. Are the means in place to ensure our safety consistent with our civil liberties? The terrorist threat should it necessarily lead to the loss of habeas corpus and lead to summary executions? We do not expose the facts. These are complicated situations, dilemmas that manages at best, I am sure our government. “

 Present here the sides  of Bill Clinton, Matt Damon, a staunch Democrat,  is engageraà background in Hillary's campaign for  the presidency in the coming months.

Present here with Bill Clinton, Matt Damon, a staunch Democrat, is engageraà background in Hillary’s presidential campaign in the months to come up.


Chase the actor, activist their spots. Damon, who said he was there a few years disappointed with Barack Obama, finally softened. “To understand how he brilliantly led his two terms, he must know against what he had to fight for eight years: a Republican filibuster in which he did everything to fail there. has failed. When Obama came to power, the country’s economic situation was catastrophic. It is much less today. ”

At this point, it is obliged to address if Donald Trump. No sooner does one mentions his name, Matt Damon clears all smiles, puts his head in his hands and murmured: “If he were to be elected, find me a small apartment because I might come and live in Paris.” Then he stands up, consents chuckled as if to reassure, but connects a neutral voice: “Honestly, in the light of Brexit and hostility to migrants gain the whole world, the possibility of a Trump the White House is, alas, real. what can save us from this event is that many Republicans do not follow. that’s the good news in recent days. ”

Poli, is about to return to Jason Bourne, to learn more about his way of working, its six-month training for stunts, that it realizes itself for most, but he keeps going: “You must understand how Trump is a sick one example among others. it was thirty years ago, a reporter interviewed him and her had pointed out that he had small hands each year since then, Trump sends her a picture of his hands with this little word. ‘. They do not seem to me so small that it’ It is a pathological reaction. Imagine such a man in power and the terrifying consequences for us and for the world. ”

Well, then Matt not laugh at all. We almost wants to have led on this issue, which seems to sadden so. Hero one day, heroes always, it nevertheless takes the bull by the horns: “Democrats will win values, I can not believe otherwise.” He concluded the meeting with a firm handshake, thrilled to have preached the good word. We forgot Jason Bourne. Matt Damon did the job.


Just unveiled band -announce of the Great Wall, an epic Zhang Yimou’s film with Matt Damon to the rescue of Chinese workers threatened by dark forces in the construction of the famous fortification, actor and production were attacked on social networks for allegedly “laundered” the cast.

Constance Wu in  January 2016 Santa Monica, Calif.

Constance Wu in January 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

REUTERS / Danny Moloshok

“Our heroes do not look like Matt Damon,” has upset the Chinese-American actress Constance Wu. Damon has not responded, but probably fail to defend themselves by the release of this blockbuster, March 15, 2017.


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