Sunday, August 7, 2016

Orlando Bloom naked on his paddle: it could cost him dear – Le Soir

The scoop people of the week was undoubtedly the pictures of Orlando Bloom naked on a paddle in Sardinia! Indeed, with his darling, Katy Perry , who plays Legolas has raised the temperature on social networks! This week, France is also the name of the actor who comes out in the top of Google search because many people who wanted to find the uncensored shots to satisfy their curiosity.

a hefty fine

Hard to know if the 39 year-old actor did this to get attention or not. But it is, in any case, impossible to deny the big blow buzz that it’s him. If, however, it is simply a passion for naturism proven by the actor, it might be wise for him to practice in a place … more appropriate. And yes ! The fop could, in fact, breaking the law, our colleagues feel the site Not located in an area Naturist , it could fine € 1,200.


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