Cyrille Eldin, new presenter “Petit Journal” intends to continue to go out and meet the political, as here with Nadine Morano. – L. Auffret / Sipa

“Catastrophe,” “error,” “embarrassment “were the words that came back most often about the Diary new version, presented Monday night. The departure of its founder and historic presenter
 Yann Barthes had left many orphans fans. Finally, the first Eldin resulted in a massacre in good standing of their favorite show. To explain this disappointment, 20 Minutes has gathered the five differences between the formulas.

1. Cyrille Eldin instead of Yann Barthes

Cyrille Eldin had benefited from an interview with the World on Monday to tackle its predecessor and articulate his vision of issue: “His Diary very product, he noted. There were plenty of sequences jagged. My Diary will be messy. “He added:” Yann Barthes has always had style, finesse, humor, but it could in time become a moralizing hair. “

The result? Eldin would have done better to turn seven times his tongue into her mouth before going to criticize the much-revered Yann Barthes. His show was more messy than its predecessor, as announced, but no substance. Humour? Faded away. The impertinence? Also. Do emerges a kind of long not very structured sequence that revolves around a presenter who lacks charisma. Therefore missed.

2. Field instead of the plateau

Le Monde
 Cyrille Eldin explained have redesigned the principle of the issue: “My thing is, the field rather than receiving people from a chair in a comfortable situation. Looking for something a little more real, a little more transparent. “

So we did not know what to expect: top and duplication on the field, simply stop the plateau? Finally, Cyrille Eldin decided to be everywhere. Since the credits, which shows at the Elysee Palace, the sea, the countryside, the mountains … until the show itself as it is in both plate and in the field, where, pretending the presentation of two new political journalists to spend their relay, he makes jokes -Lourdes- and remains at the center of the screen. All that to learn nothing.

3. 20: 30 instead of 20 h 10

Finally … 20: 30 on paper, because in truth, Le Petit Journal, was waiting. And went after the Gros Journal , presented by
 Mouloud Achour, that has not really convinced. Suffice to say that on Twitter, we frankly impatient …

But the fact that the show will stop a little before 21 pm, lasting therefore a quarter of an hour instead of the fifty minutes occupied by Yann Barthes last year was finally a relief to viewers, ending the long misunderstanding that was the issue.

4. Of ‘girls’ in place of Martin, Hugo and other

The troublemaker of the encrypted channel also heard bet feminize the program, the site of déclarantsur BFMTV: “I plan to send more girls on the ground a little with my method for interviewing policies, but everyone has his style. “Mission accomplished, with the arrival of Sandrine Calvayrac and Mathilde Warnier.

For a more than limit, if not downright sexist. Taking his “recruits” in different political, not really knowing what to teach them, after telling Sandrine Calvayrac “not to kiss” to the policies not to be “too connivente”, it allows a joke about “attributes” Mathilde Warnier Alain Juppe … on the background? Always Nothing. Sandrine Calvayrac long NKM continues by asking, “And the sisterhood? “About the candidacy for the primary Nadine Morano. NKM decided not to answer such a hollow issue and we understand it.

5. Le Petit Journal instead of Diary

The most shocking for fans of the first hour, maybe finally this new program concept, which revolves entirely around Cyrille Eldin and no longer has the decryption character of political news, keeps the name of Diary . And many of them said goodbye to their issue, if you believe the followers of screenshots of the Twitter page of the program.