Monday, October 24, 2016

Crisis i-Tv : the four key moments in a week of strike – Franceinfo

This is the longest conflict in the history of the chain. For the eighth consecutive day, the employees of i-Tv have decided, Monday, October 24, at the end of the morning, to renew their strike until Tuesday, 11: 30 am, 85% of voters.

strikers are demanding the departure of Jean-Marc Morandini, indicted for “corruption of a minor, aggravated”. Thes journalists also ask for an ethical charter to guarantee their independence vis-à-vis their main shareholder, Vincent Bolloré, and more ways to revive the chain, heavily in deficit.

While some have called for a new rally, Tuesday, at 13 hours, in front of the headquarters of the chain, here is a summary of the key moments of the strike, which began on October 17.

A rally in front of the headquarters of the chain

The message is written in black and white. the “#jesoutiensiTELE” : on 19 October, the strikers brandish placards with this slogan at a rally in front of the headquarters of the chain, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine). This hashtag (hashtags) has been launched on the social network four days previously.

The strikers are not alone. Policies, such as Benoît Hamon or Roselyne Bachelot, a former minister and now tv presenter – and media journalists, as Bruce Toussaint, Patrick Cohen et Laurent Joffrin, have moved to show their solidarity with the editors of i-Tv. Support on the part of personalities and has continued since on the social networks.

advertisers who zappent the issuance of Jean-Marc Morandini

The same day, several advertisers requesting not to appear during the “Morandini Live”, the issuance of the facilitator controversial, imposed by Vincent Bolloré. The brand of fruit juice Innocent, then Axa and Banque populaire no longer want to be included in the slots of the issuance.

A moving impromptu

personal business journalists thrown in a dumpster. The voltage still goes up a notch among the employees on October 22, due to a move considered brutal offices i-Tele. This reorganization was planned in the framework of the approximation of the editorial staff of the Bolloré group, in order to make room for the journalists of Direct Morning.

The employees, in anger, live this gesture, conducted “full-strike”, “a provocation”. The executive suggests, it, a mistake on the part of movers, spoke too soon. [They] did not have the instruction to put the affairs of anyone in the garbage.”

The suspension of the issuance of Jean-Marc Morandini

Monday, new rebound of the side of the direction. In a brief statement, she announced that “the suspension”, “for operational reasons”, the show. “Morandini Live” was the only program broadcast live from the first day of the strike. But the direction ensures that it “will resume as soon as the stop of this strike.”

“It is a suspension, not a withdrawal, and rather by lack of technical means. Nothing has changed, the management remains deaf to our demands”, ” says a union official. the “If they stopped the strike, Morandini would be on the air as early as tonight, and that, precisely, one makes the strike to demand its removal !” is unworthy-t-it, highlighting the paradoxical character of the decision.

“This announcement does not change anything, it is even a Molotov cocktail”, lambasted a reporter shortly before the beginning of a new AG employees, Monday to 17 hours. Others speak of situation”mind-blowing”, or blow “twisted”. “The strike continues. Our demands remain the same”, tweet of the strikers. Tuesday will be the ninth day of a strike in a row.

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