Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The body-guard of the Brangelina balance : “I was the father of their children” – Paris Match

Mark Billingham, ex-soldier of the British Army, has a time protected the children of Brangelina. He recounts this experience in an interview with river to the newspaper “The Sun”.

for eighteen months, Mark Billingham, nicknamed Billy by his family, was the bodyguard of the clan Brangelina. We are in 2007. Its mission is to protect Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but most importantly, the four children of the star couple : Maddox, Zahara, Pax and Shiloh; and twins Knox and Vivienne, are not yet born. This is not his first position with stars – Mark has already ensured the safety of Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe or Sean Penn. But this former soldier of the British Army keeps a memory very particular to this job is not like the others. And almost eight years later, a few days after the announcement of the divorce of Angie and Brad, he decided to confide in the columns of the “Sun”.

“The military side had me fully prepared for what I have done for them,” he says. “Their biggest fear was the kidnapping of children. Angie and Brad were very worried about approaching their children.”

During the eighteen-month Mark has been able to count on the trust of the couple. “It was obvious from the start that the current was passing fine between us,” recalls the bodyguard. “They trusted me with the children. We were very close. I lived with them all the time. I could take the children wherever I wanted to. No one had been allowed to do this… I took a swim. Basically, I was their father.”

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In this same interview, Mark Billingham attack the couple on his loneliness, on his way of life totally cut off from reality. “I thought it was crazy when they asked me stuff like, ‘How can I descend into this bar ?’ or ‘what do I need to go there ?’ They are not stupid, but in the world in which they live, they have not done certain things since a very long time. I found it so strange”. And after these months of good and loyal services, the custody of the body has had enough. Tired of not “have privacy”, “to be knackered”. “I had lost my sense of my own family life”, he says. “In seventeen months, I’ve only been at home six weeks. It was really too intense”.

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