Monday, October 17, 2016

Morandini on i-Télé : the employees voted to strike, Le Figaro

and Yet, the employees had overwhelmingly voted for strike action to oppose the arrival of the facilitator on the antenna. Their 24-hour strike is renewable.

“Morandini Live” has finally been released Monday night on i-Télé at 18h, in spite of the strike, passed by an overwhelming majority (84%) by the employees of the chain info of the Canal+ group a little earlier in the day. The smile a little nervously, Jean-Marc Morandini was able to launch his subjects: a zapping, a report on the phenomenon Stéphane Plazza with a live interview with the star presenter of M6, a topic for the large audience of the first debate of the primary, and even “The minute the Puppets”…

The strikers had hoped that their movement would prevent this diffusion and the update of the antenna of a radio host indicted for corruption of minors aggravated. Barely lost. Called in reinforcement, technicians, Canal+ allowed the animator’s controversial switch to the antenna. In protest, a hundred employees, or a large part of the drafting, has left the premises of the string to 18h. They must meet again this Tuesday at 9: 30am to decide whether or not to continue their movement.

It is likely that with this change in force and the noise around this first issue, the chain has obtained what she was looking for: a strong hearing, much higher than the small 1 % that it usually does. At the first appearance of Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna, the social networks were howling.

Initially deferred sine die, it is the arrival of Jean-Marc Morandini to the antenna, finally announced on October 7, to Monday, who set fire to the powder. Last week, the employees have voted a motion of no confidence, believing that the coming of the facilitator, who has been prohibited to approach places frequented by minors, could tarnish the image of the chain. In a column published in The World, the Society of journalists of i-Tv has asked the leader not to come. The latter responded by calling for “respect (its) rights and (the) let it work”.

It was successful. Officially, the direction of the warp speaks of reviving the hearing, in berne. Other voices evoke the desire to from employees at a lower cost, the direction of the string having a guest last Friday, the journalists unhappy to play on the conscience clause, which allows them to resign with benefits. Still others emphasize the strong link between Jean-Marc Morandini, and Vincent Bolloré, the chairman of Vivendi, the parent company of Canal+. The facilitator has participated in the launch of the channel Direct 8 in 2005. He has also worked for the daily free Direct Matin, owned by the Bolloré group.

the arm of The iron will, therefore, continue. Monday morning, in protest, the deputy director of the drafting since 1999, Alexander Ifis, has announced its next departure. It has been applauded by the employees. It is likely that the passage in force “Morandini Live” are not satisfied with the tension. Quite to the contrary. The Canal+ group had not responded by the end of the day after the broadcast of the program.


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