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Stéphane : “Benedict is pulling the strings, he decides who leaves and who stays” – TF1

By Sabine BOUCHOUL|Written for TF1|2016-11-26T08:00:47.156 Z, updated 2016-11-26T08:00:47.156 Z

Stephane has been eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”. The factor is found in the skin of the trapper trapped by his own, the Red. He opens up on his adventure and book his feelings about Benedict, the best strategist of this edition, according to him.

how do you feel after your elimination ?
Disappointed necessarily. I work by step and step that was in progress it was my third, the one that brought me to the race orientation. But, I didn’t want to put pressure. In previous tips I was serene because I knew where I was going. And then, I had seen it coming, this output. It is the confirmation of what I was feeling. So I am disappointed but not surprised.

The pact red has not been strong enough, according to you ?
the views of the events of the last two days before the council, I knew that my fate was sealed. I tried to defend myself but it was just lost. As soon as the reunification, I realized that the four young people – Jesta, Jeremy, Candice and Benoit were very close. First I let him do it at first because the plan was to eliminate the Yellow. And then, I didn’t really know what they were saying. I had the images but not the sound. It is looking at the issue that I have been able to know the background of their discussions. I tried something but my days were numbered. I am not disappointed by what I’ve done. I knew that if it wasn’t this time as I got out, it was the time after that. And then I think that they were starting to get a little afraid of me.

the more that you have won the last two events…
Yes, the immunity and the direct elimination. It was also about the time that I finished second, I think they saw the birth of the danger.

If Freddy had not repeated your plan to Jesta, your plan would it work ?

Yes, if he had said nothing, I think Bruno and me, we could succeed. But these are projections. If I wanted to eliminate Jesta, it is because it is close to Candice and Benedict. I had already taken the initiative to vote against Jeremy, because it was one of the four “young people” and for me, it was logical to take out Freddy and Jesta to shatter the alliance of the young people. But I had not expected that Freddy is in agreement with Jesta, Candice and Benedict. He became the fourth “young” of the coup.

do you want the Red ?
I want to two reds, in the case of Candice and Benedict. They are the ones who have started to make strategies before I really think. Both made me feel that they are the ones who decided on the final four. Initially, I felt bad but the guilt quickly disappeared. But I don’t blame them really, in the sense that it is a game, but there are regrets, yes.

Is it that you feel that this is Benedict and Candice who pull the strings of the eliminations ?
This is especially Benedict who pulls the strings since he has the ring. And then, there are the two girls that follow him like his shadow, Jesta and Candice. After that, it’s easy to pull the strings, especially when there is not a lot. Candice asks in addition to Freddy of the rally. In front, there is not a lot of people. The matter is resolved. And then Candice, mine of nothing, she has pulled the strings for a long time. It was from Ludivine in Yellow, at a time she wanted to vote against Bruno, it is also the origin of the release of Laurent. Myriam, the first that comes out.

do you Think that these are the affinities that take precedence over the merit in Koh-Lanta ?
For me yes. I would never have voted against Ludivine or Bruno. It was enough slaved together to have created links to be strong enough. Even if with Candice and Benedict, we were in the same team, I had less affinities and links with them.

Benedict seemed touched by your disposal, as we have seen cry when you leave…
This is someone that I have great respect for. I find that this is a boy who has done well in his game. It is very good. At the level of strategies, it is the best. It is him who decides who should go out or not. His opinion is of importance. The fact of the ring. If he had not found the ring, it came out after Lau. It has changed a lot of things at the level of the game, if it had not, we used to go out all at a time, and I would not stay as long.

If you were to keep vivid memories of your adventure, this would be which ?
I have always dreamed of do Koh-Lanta. When I went on the island, I remember having said to my wife, I want to enjoy it thoroughly. This is what I did. Good times, I full : the arrival on the island, the trials that we are successful, the comforts that we win, go fishing, search for the wood… I couldn’t get out one in particular.

And a hard time ?
The calls to our families. It was hard, because very moving and the shell will crack. Hear the voices of loved ones, it is very hard. Like the letters. For me, from the moment I had the letters, something broke in me. I couldn’t go a day without it again. Before, I was in my adventure and the letters made me a little out of Koh-Lanta.

The weather conditions are quite complicated, how do you have to take morally ?

It is hard, but it’s part of the game. I knew that in going to Koh-Lanta, just would not be pink. Somewhere, this is what gives the chili pepper.

what has changed for you since Koh-Lanta ?
I have not particularly changed, but my wife tells me that I am soothed and at work, I am much more cool too. I let many more things go on, I’m less the head.

do you Have a regret ?
Yes, I have not gone to the end, it is my biggest regret. And then maybe instead of telling Freddy he comes out, perhaps I would have had to propose an alliance with Ludivine and Bruno, it could have been a switch. The regret is for having wanted to keep our colors. But I had given my word to the Reds.


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