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Thanks to Sting, the Bataclan found the taste of the feast – The Figaro

WE WERE THERE – The music was again echoed Saturday night in the room in paris with a concert by the British as a prelude observed a minute of silence in tribute to the 90 spectators were killed on 13 November 2015.

on Saturday 12 November at the stroke of eighteen hours in the vicinity of the Bataclan, solidarity prevails. A young girl wants to drop a white rose in the concert hall. The boulevard Voltaire as the entire neighborhood is blocked. A CRS him take the flower, cross the crossroads and make pass the message to the crowd of spectators that patient under the drizzle behind the barriers. Cécile Monod, technico-commercial in Switzerland and specially come to the TGV Haute-Savoie inherits the rose. “It is an evening special,” says the fan who has seen “at least thirty concerts” of Sting. The emotions are mixed. I want to show to the families of the victims that life continues, that we are here.” As this mother of a family, the crowd is asked, serene, full of modesty. Behind us, Hervé retirement came specially to Nice by plane. “I’m not surprised that Sting has accepted, it suits him well”, he says.

A 19: 13, the doors of le Bataclan opened. The queue of spectators is progressing slowly. Passes in front of the Cocktail Rock Cafe where onlookers are watching the football. In Kikafaim however, there is person. Beautiful player, the owner of the sandwich shop has put Sting in concert on his giant screen. It will take us 45 minutes and six security filters before getting to the inside of the Bataclan.

the layout of The room is the same, except that the lobby is more bright. A new smell fresh paint and tickle the nostrils.

fans of Sting are in the pit. They are the personal guests of the owners of the Bataclan are in the balcony. Once is not custom, most have paid for their place will be 50 euros. This evening, the entire revenue goes to the two associations of victim Paris for Life, and November 13, Brotherhood-Truth. The handful of Vip’s and policies are on the sides. The survivors and the families of the victims are in the middle. John and Christine are coming from Caen. Christine shows a framed photo of their son, Antoine, 34 years old, murdered here a few meters away, a year ago. Dawn, his girlfriend pregnant was also there, being held hostage in the hallway for over two hours. Six months ago, she gave birth to a lovely little Emile. “It looks a lot like his father”, smiled her grandmother Christine.

at the Beginning of October, through the kindness of the emergency physician Patrick Pelloux, she and her husband have bravely follows the footsteps of Antoine to the inside of the Bataclan. John: “it is important to Anthony that the room will revive.” Christine, with tears in her eyes: “the most beautiful thing one can do is to live and be happy.” Alongside them, a man livid asks if he can sit in the armchair n°8. “It was there that I was sitting on the evening of 13 November.” Very disturbed, his companion does not take place. She walks the aisle, shakes up the spectators, including Charlotte Rampling sitting in the first row alongside his friend Truddie, the wife of Sting. In front of us, two other survivors who are keen on music wait concentrated. They prefer to stay anonymous, but tell it with emotion this night where everyone has been shot several. “To be here this evening, there was a lot of prepared psychologically”, evidenc ed by the computer engineer and the employee of bank. Sitting on the balcony goes well. Be standing near the bar where they were the night of 13 November would have been impossible.

Just behind the two rows reserved for the minister of culture Audrey Azoulay are empty and will remain so throughout the evening. Claire Chazal discussing this with her ex-husband Xavier Couture. His best friend, Marc-Olivier Fogiel laughs out loud with Valérie Pécresse. The city of Paris occupies four rows. Around Anne Hidalgo, we note Jean-Louis Bianco, Henri Weber, who wrote the speech of Laurent Fabius, Bruno Juillard director of culture at Paris city hall, the deputy Patrick Bloche, president of the culture of the National Assembly. At the bottom, Patricia Kaas is a very discreet just like Lou Doillon, Vianney and Shaka Ponk.

21h06, the black is done. Sting in fluent French: “Observe a minute of silence. We shall not forget.” He closes his eyes. The Bataclan full to bursting (1500 people) is silent immediately. One no longer hears the whir of the air conditioning. “We will not forget”, finally launched the british singer to the applause and “Bravo”.

During the minute of silence before the dépurpose of the concert.

During the minute’s silence before the start of the concert. photo Credits :

t-shirt, leather pants, rocker in the eternal youth of this his faithful musicians “Dom” Miller on guitar, “Vinnie” Calauita to the battery, Rufus Miller (guitar). This last is in great shape although he arrived in New York in the morning. “I spent the flight listening to Van Halen. Tonight, I’m going to give the “gig” (concert) the most humble of my career,” he wrote a few hours earlier on instagram. Costume tennis white, Ibrahim Maalouf comes on stage. The renowned trumpeter is not the only surprise of the evening. Later, Sting will be joined by Henry Padovani, the first guitarist of Police.

The first of the seventeen songs of the evening is a ballad: “Fragile”, with which Sting usually winds up in his concerts. His play list is cleverly proportioned. A few touches of emotions, including the sublime chants oriental d’Inshallah and Desert Rose. A lot of rock with good guitar riff. The whole interspersed with hits such as Message in a bottle, Englishman, Every Breath, Walking on the moon and Roxanne.

as Soon as the second song, Can’t stop thinking about you, the room is standing up, bouncing, dance, raises his arms, puts up fists are raised, and mostly sings loudly. On the chorus I send an SOS, the Bataclan has definitely regained its air of celebration. Thanks to Sting, a page is turned. Something strong is happening. At the balcony, smiling from ear to ear, Truddie films her singer husband in the arms of joy. Valérie Pécresse is loose and sings loudly. Charlotte Rampling also.

Sting was to sing 60 minutes, it will remain on scene for over an hour and a half before you go shouting “Vive le Bataclan!” Has 22h38, the lights turned back on. Around us, all the families and the survivors have held up. No one is out. Many need a moment of recollection. This is not the end of the concert as usual. The spectators have a need to be together at the bar facing the stage. The beer and the champagne flows freely. A page turns. The terrorists have lost. As with the other two co-owners of the Bataclan Jules Frutos and Olivier Poubelle, Jérôme Langlet, president of Lagardère Entertainment is happy. Relieved. It will be able to rest, take a little distance. The twelve months have been hard. He is involved daily in the side of the victims. Too, no doubt. To hear the music again resonate at the Bataclan, he dreamed. At the foot of the bar, Cécile Monod proudly shows off his photos of the concert. They are beautiful. She obviously has respected the wish of t he girl is anonymous and filed its pink in the Bataclan. In the first row of the pit, she has spent an extraordinary evening: “it was a big Sting.”

Saturday, 12th November 2016 at the Bataclan during the concert of Sting.

Saturday, 12th November 2016 at the Bataclan during the concert of Sting. photo Credits :

Play list Sting at le Bataclan November 12, 2016:


Can’t stop thinking about you


One fine day



Petrol head

Down Down Down

Driven to tears


Desert Rose

Every Breath

So Lonely

Walking on the moon


Next To you

Empty chair

” The Bataclan in 1865: the room was the most magical of Paris new”


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