Yann Barthes has down “Key not at my post” in “Daily”, November 15, 2016. – Screen Capture TMC

For once, this is Yann Barthes who has submitted, in the Daily, the dots on the ” i ” in the face of accusations of the band Key not at my post. Monday, Cyril Hanouna and columnists have pushed a “rant” about the ” skid Pernaut between the homeless and migrant workers “.

on Thursday, in his 13 Hours on TF1, the journalist had chained a report on the maraudes of the Red Cross, and another on the opening of a refugee centre in Paris with this transition : “Here it is, the more room for the homeless, but at the same time the migrant centres continue to open across France. “A phrase that has not gone unnoticed.

” Barthes that was live in the Daily Friday, has not taken [that is to say, refers to the words of Jean-Pierre Pernaut], ” said Benjamin Castaldi in Key not at my post Monday. “It is not the fault of Yann Barthes, I tell you. Jean-Pierre Pernaut it is so much an expert on TF1. (…) I think that the production has been a small call. (…) I think Jean-Pierre Pernaut, we do not touch on TF1 “, then advanced Cyril Hanouna. A way of implying that the team of the Daily, broadcast on TMC, had been pressured in the direction of the TF1 group, owner of the chain.

Tuesday, on his show, Yann Barthes responded with causticity. He was first amused to read a press release full of irony : “This is a message written by the editors of the Daily Baba [the nickname of Cyril Hanouna] and his team : “Please accept our apologies if our editorial has not convinced. You we have drilled to date : we have not mentioned the sentence clumsy of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, and you damn pinned ! (…) Oh, you’re not ! You have restored the truth and we will never be taken hand in the bag !" “

Then, more seriously, Yann Barthes continued : “no, No, no TF1 has called us, for a reason simple enough : Friday after 16 h at TF1, there was not a great world. But on Friday, it was the 11 November, it was a holiday. And it was from the previous day that there was no longer a person. “According to the facilitator, if the sentence of Pernaut has not been the subject of a topic, it is because’ it has gone live and, really, there was nothing more to say. “

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