Monday, December 12, 2016

Polnareff : the rant of Fabien Lecoeuvre against the producer Gilbert Coullier – Europe1

Sick or not ? The state of health of Michel Polnareff is at the heart of a dispute between its producer and his or her doctor and her press attaché on the other hand. The singer had canceled the last two concerts of his tour on December 2 and 3, first in Paris at the salle Pleyel, then in the Zenith of Nantes. The producer of the singer, Gilbert Coullier, has expressed its doubts on the veracity of the disease and the process in which the stake is the amount of 500.000 euros, corresponding to the two cancelled dates and a possible refund of the spectators.

In its last issue, The Sunday Newspaper claimed that the artist had been seen at the bar of his hotel on Friday 2 December, just after having renounced to the latest concerts and that he had left a note of 362 euros. His producer, furious, would have written to the lawyer of Michel Polnareff to request an explanation. His entourage has since denied excessive consumption of alcohol, which would have prevented the singer to go on stage. And specified that the sum corresponded to the meals of the singer.

“He denies the disease of Michel Polnareff”. After you have cancelled his concert in paris, the Admiral thought to be able to finally ensure that the last date of his tour in Nantes, was still defended Fabien Lecoeuvre, the press officer, Michel Polnareff, on Monday morning on Europe 1. “Is that an artist is capable of sabotaging his own tour ? No. Gilbert Coullier, this great producer, refuses the illness of Michel Polnareff.” Saturday, 3 December, the singer was back on her decision to go to Nantes and had called Dr Philippe Siou, the american hospital of Neuilly. The doctor had been placed under observation for the weekend. This is the same practitioner who had announced the following Tuesday at a press conference “pulmonary embolism, bilateral”, which committed the prognosis for the artist.

Heard on Europe 1

I don’t see the american hospital in Neuilly to make false certificates.

“Silence radio”. If the singer is doing better and may soon leave the hospital, Fabien Lecoeuvre’s displeasure is most ardent. “For a producer like Gilbert Coullier, I think the first reflex is not to send a bailiff when a singer is sick, it is mostly to send a doctor,” he expressed at the micro Europe 1. “If a show is cancelled, there is insurance. The doctor of the insurance gets in touch with the singer. There, for ten days, it is radio silence.”

“Caprice de star”. “what is it that bothers both Mr. Coullier to explain that the pulmonary embolism Michel Polnareff is imaginary ? There is something that grieves”, compute the press attaché. “Would it not have paid the insurance policies ? He may be assured the show but not the artist. There is a mystery in the behaviour of this great French producer. I don’t see the american hospital in Neuilly to make false certificates. How Gilbert Coullier may at this point be mistaken, and be convinced that it is a quirk of the star ?”


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