Saturday, August 13, 2016

Traffic Info: corks third weekend on the roads of France – Le Point

After the two big goings summer, traffic is still heavy this Saturday, August 13 rated “red”. With 430 km caps at 11 am on the roads of France, the peak traffic of the weekend of August 15 is expected in mid-day. Last year, at the same time, there were only 217 kilometers caps recalls Bison smart. But at the time, the Assumption was a Saturday without long weekend. That’s why the circulation looks “very difficult” on all major axes connecting the country in the direction of departures, as in that of returns today.

The main areas of slowdown are concentrated unsurprisingly in the south, mostly on the A9 towards Spain and near Montpellier, and in the Rhone valley on the A7. The Mediterranean arc between Italy and Spain is also very crowded, whether in the east-west or west-east, on the A8, A7, A54, A9, from Menton to Perthus. Around 11 am, it took 3 hours 40 to complete the course between southern Lyon and Orange instead of 1 h 35 usually in the direction of departures, and 2 h 5 against 1 h 35, in the direction of Returns indicates Vinci Autoroutes. Three hours were also required on the A9 between Orange and Narbonne against 1 h 45.

In the sense of departures, it is recommended Saturday to avoid driving on main roads up to 16 hours the northern half of the country and up to 19 hours in the southern half, but also to keep crossing the main roads of the Massif central up to 14 hours.

a difficult traffic until Sunday requires the utmost vigilance

Given this crowded situation, motorists take their troubles patiently, with more or less cheerful. So Maud PETITGARS en route to Cannes, says being part of Rouen “midnight”. “And here since 7 am, we’re in traffic. But we want to go on vacation to have fun. So do not worry, it’s part of the holidays! “Samir, he was less optimistic:” I drove from midnight to 5 am, after we rested a bit. And then I did 20 kilometers after Lyon, stuffy stuffy home! An hour and a half cap, I was sawed the legs more than 500 kilometers “that the lead of Paris in Saint-Tropez.

Sunday, traffic will return to normal with a day classified” green “at national level” orange “on the Mediterranean coast and the southwest, in the direction of returns. Bison smart advises still avoid crossing Lyon and the Rhone valley between 10:00 and 16 pm, the A7 and A8 between Orange and Italy, and the A9 motorway between Orange and Spain. To banish also the A61 between Carcassonne and Narbonne, from 10 hours to 16 hours. Bison also provides Smart Monday “green.”

Some 14,000 police and gendarmes were deployed this summer on the road vacation to strengthen controls and manage the traditionally heavy traffic. Road Safety Recalls that the months of July and August account for a fifth of the deceased each year on French roads, urging motorists to “the greatest vigilance.” If the number of road deaths recorded a slight drop of 0.3% in July, with 352 people killed (one less than a year earlier), the number of deaths in the first seven months of the year increased by 1.5% compared to the same period in 2015 (1,921 dead, 28 more deaths). And the underlying trend remains upward for two years.


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