Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why “Suicide Squad” is stunning, even for special effects –

SFX Pascal Pinteau, author of “SFX: special effects, two centuries of history “looked at the film of David Ayer …

Suicide Squad David Ayer – Warner Bros

in the new edition of his impressive work (2.5 kilos) SFX: two special Effects centuries of history (Editions Bragelonne 55 €)
 Pascal Pinteau describes the evolution of this art in 850 pages and 2500 photos, a state of breathtaking places he has completed every two or three years! This reporter passionate and exciting was well placed to explain to 20 Minutes three reasons why it considers that Suicide Squad of David Ayer out-of-mine of superhero movies …

Ah Crocrocro …

Suicide Squad , are the villains of the DC editions ( Batman ) that take orders. They were recruited to fight evil when missions are deemed too dangerous to be performed by “nice”.

“I was impressed by their looks, says Pascal Pinteau including that of that Killer Croc ‘incarneAdewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. The texture of her makeup Latex is staggering into detail scales. I have rarely seen such a successful creature especially when seen in close-ups. The prostheses have reached a level of quality so perfect that we forget that there is a player below. “

 Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje by Killer Croc in  Suicide Squad David Ayer
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje by Killer Croc in Suicide Squad David Ayer – Warner Bros

A Joker with which no kidding

Jared Leto wrote a very particular Joker for Suicide Squad as it is inspired gang members but also Russian mafia for his tattoos.

“Her makeup is very impressive but in a different way from that of Killer Croc since recognized the actor more because he did not face covered prostheses. The director realized that the key to success was to vary the techniques of special effects like magicians alternating different types of towers to constantly surprise the audience. “

 Jared Leto Joker in Suicide Squad David Ayer
Jared Leto Joker in Suicide Squad David Ayer – Warner Bros

hybrid fighting

of course, the” ten bastards “that make up the” suicide squad “are not content to do embroidery: they go to coal for sequences of battles staged by director of Fury (2014) and End of Watch (2012).

“Ayer used a mixture of effects achieved on the set and computer remarkably. For a while, Hollywood has sworn by digital but people are starting to come back because it’s expensive and it mobilizes many technicians for long. Of course, computers are growing quickly but as we always ask them more, there is no real time saver. “



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