Thursday, September 1, 2016

Axelle Lemaire promoted after his criticism against Emmanuel Macron – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – The State Secretary for Digital was rewarded Thursday the Innovation portfolio. An announcement comes two days after the resignation of the former minister, she has not spared.

In the small part of musical chairs at the Ministry of Economy which naturally followed the departure of Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, Secretary of State Digital Axelle Lemaire received a small promotion with the addition to its prerogatives, Thursday, portfolio of ‘Innovation. Visibly happy, the young Minister wished to announce it with humor on Twitter. “OK thanks! So I modified my profile, “wrote on Twitter Minister, citing the statement of the Presidency

Quickly, speculation flourished among journalists. Axelle Lemaire she discovered her appointment on social networks? One hypothesis less surprising than it seems when one remembers that the former Minister of Overseas had discovered television his appointment in April 2014. To cut short the burgeoning rumor, Axelle Lemaire sees fit specify shortly after “to journalists, my appointment was announced in a tweet with an attempt to use this art is called humor”

first Evoking an error message. private, his team confirmed the witticism from the Scan. “Fortunately, we were informed from last night,” we are assured. “It is quite customary jokes on the social network,” stated his entourage to Scan on August 23. In full controversy over municipal ordinances prohibiting Burkini supported by Manuel Valls, she welcomed the position of the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The latter then defended the right to wear the burkini. “Especially as the lakes in Canada are cold,” she had commented.

Beyond the humor, promote Axelle Lemaire takes a particular policy dimension in the context the resignation of his former minister, Emmanuel Macron. If the relationships of the Secretary of State with the Prime Minister are not in good shape, they seem downright complicated with the founder of Walk On! “It’s super hard to listen, capture and seize opportunities. But bankruptcy is selling fresh Alcatel Nokia or merger aborted Orange Bouygues. Even Macron law is the law repackagée Montebourg, without measures on notaries, bailiffs and annuities. There is nothing added. Not a line. Otherwise, he does not mind so much economic subjects. You often hear the word “industry” in his mouth? “, Asserts Axelle Lemaire in the columns of World .

Minister to young and modern image is a precious voice the executive to dent the aura of Emmanuel Macron, whose departure and willingness to engage in the presidential election are experienced as an act of treachery to the Elysee. For its part, Axelle Lemaire some dispute with his former minister, especially since the latter attempted to make off with the networks of the French Tech and own the project of digital law in June 2015. In regarding the interests of the executive, it at least, will overshadow person in the battle ahead: it will not a priori candidate primary Belle Popular Alliance for January. August 29, Axelle Lemaire announced that it was rather the parliamentary elections to regain the third division of French nationals abroad, a seat she occupied between 2012 and 2014 before joining the government.


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