Sunday, October 2, 2016

Michaël Youn taken from fly by Cécile Duflot, and Axelle Lemaire after a valve on dubious tax – LCI

PELLET – Michaël Youn has not done that friends on Saturday on Twitter. After having wanted to make a joke by talking about income taxes (topic so sensitive when you earn a lot of money), he drew the ire of internet users.

Sometimes, the proverbs are good. This one for example : by turning seven times his tongue in his mouth before speaking, or rather should we say : “Turn seven times his thumb around on her keyboard before typing something stupid”. The comedian Michaël Youn will have learned on Saturday, at its expense, after having tweeted a formula rather unwelcome on the taxes, pretending to talk to his five year old daughter.

A formula very much inspired from the american tv series “Parks and Recreation”, where we see one of the protagonists, a teacher ideas very libertariennes (and therefore anti-tax) pecking in the lunch of one of his students for him to do the same demonstration.

of Course, the reactions are not made wait. First, in the side of some politicians, who were quick to respond to him, recalling, as does the mp ecologist Cécile Duflot, taxes (and more specifically the contributions and other taxes) are redistributed to favour the access of all to health care.

And that, even if everyone does not agree on the subject, the tax is not “eaten” by the State, as explained by the secretary of State for Digital Axelle Lemaire.

But these are especially the people who were the most vocal. A hashtag #FermeTaGueuleYoun has even started to bloom on the canvas.

Michaël Youn has touched 1.7 million euros in 2011

It must be said that according to the ranking of the players the best paid in France, published in February by Le Parisien, these are the comedians who come to head. Michaël Youn has affected 1.7 million euros in 2011 (figures published in Le Figaro). Then necessarily, take the taxes is not to the liking of everyone.

Michaël Youn has, apparently, understood the lesson and did his mea culpa, a few hours later.


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