Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The director of France 2 Vincent Meslet brutally sacked by Delphine Ernotte – Télé

just over a year after his appointment, the director of France 2, Vincent Meslet, is landed. The president of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte, chooses Caroline Got to succeed him. A sudden decision, risky, and difficult to understand.

It is not good to be the manager of France 2. Vincent Meslet has learned on Tuesday October 4-afternoon during an interview where the president of France Television, Delphine Ernotte, thanked him, barely a year after being appointed to the head of the chain admiral in the public service. Eternal recommencement : in 2011 already, Claude-Yves Robin, too, had been landed from the direction of the chain, a year after having been appointed by the predecessor of Ernotte, Rémy Pflimlin.

That blame Vincent Meslet ? The bad startup of the new emissions after-noon of France 2 who were put in the antenna at the back. In fact, a Thousand and one lives and a Thousand and one lives a dream presented by Frédéric Lopez, private Tours of Stéphane Bern, Amanda, Amanda Scott, and AcTuality, hosted by Thomas Thouroude, record all since their launch disappointing results. On the edge 14: 18: 40, the audience share of the channel is lowered in September to 6.1% from 8.9% in September 2015. A disappointment, which does not hide the director of France 2, but not a drama. The after-noon of France 2 were for years a slice disaster that had anyway in need of a major facelift. The new emissions had therefore not started, it is true, but in television the length of time and the progressive adjustments can sometimes straighten out situations that otherwise are complicated.

Vincent Meslet know well, who, in the management of programs of France 3 had launched Plus belle la vie : before of be the success that we know, the series had a start-up catastrophic. Delphine Ernotte itself didn’t seem to worried in mid-September : “We made the bet to change radically. It does not start hard, but you need to give them time. The qualitative studies are not bad, even if it has work to do. No question in any case, let them rule by advertising.

– Side program, Vincent Meslet, moreover, has not known that disappointments during the short year in which he led the string. The information evenings of Thursday, with the new formula of’Special Envoy are for the moment a success and have had an impact unexpected thanks to the investigation on the case Bygmalion. Similarly, if it is a little early to judge the future of the new cultural magazine Amazing ! presented by Léa Salamé, his first number was in all cases promising. Because finally, the public service seems to want to offer a cultural magazine of quality, making out the culture trays and using all the tools of journalism to talk about it (survey, documentary, portrait, interview situation, etc.).

so, if we except the afternoons of France 2, the balance sheet of Vincent Meslet is more than honorable and does not justify a dismissal as sudden as it is unexpected. The reason for this decision is to look elsewhere. In the relations between the president of France Télévisions and its director. Delphine Ernotte heads the group public with a bodyguard of a few people who have all his confidence. Vincent Meslet was not part of it. Their very different character seems to have more contrast than approximated. Apparently enough for it to decide to this premature departure.

Vincent Meslet will be replaced by Caroline Got, current director of the strategy and programmes of France Télévisions. We should know in the weeks to come and the adjustments that the new director of France 2 intends to bring the emissions of the afternoon. One thing is for sure, it will not retrieve Zapping that Vincent Meslet wanted to integrate from one time to the programs of the late afternoon of the chain. Just as Delphine Ernotte, Caroline Got was not conducive to the resumption by France 2 of the show that made the heyday of Canal+, before that Vincent Bolloré decided to put an end to it. Injury, the Zapping is part of these emissions that make it more intelligent those who look at them and would not offsuit on a public channel.

By turning Vincent Meslet, who made the beautiful days of Arte before arriving at France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte is robbed of one of the best programs of the hexagon. A risky choice and difficult to understand compared to the kindness she shows to the respect of the chief information officer, Michael Field. Weakened by a motion of no confidence to the editor last spring, disowned by Delphine Ernotte itself in the psychodrama of the broadcast of the investigation on the case Bygmalion by Special Envoy, the director of the information, however, is still in place. Two weights, two measures.


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