Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The new Tim Burton topping the box office in north american – The Parisian

Le new Tim Burton, “Miss Peregrine and the children in particular”, took the lead at the box office in north america upon its release in theaters, according to final figures released Monday by the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations.
With Eva Green and Samuel Lee Jackson, this film fantasy adventure about a magical place populated by children and people with strange powers crop $ 28.9 million for its first weekend.
Another new feature, “Deepwater”, action film, which tells about the huge oil spill in the gulf of Mexico in 2010 through the eyes of an electrician (Mark Wahlberg) is aboard the oil platform. The disaster, which has cost $ 61.6 billion to the oil company, BP, reported $ 20.2 million to the producers of the film, directed by Peter Berg.
The western “The 7 Mercenaries (The Magnificent Seven)”, a remake of the 1961 film, loses the head of the box office and ends up third, with 15.6 million (61.5 million total).
Performed by Antoine Fuqua (“The Rage in the belly”), this new version is led by Denzel Washington, a bounty hunter who carries a team of professional sharpshooters to protect a small town in the Wild West of an industry’s greedy.
The animated film “the Storks and the company ranks fourth with $ 13.5 million and $ 38.5 million in total. This cartoon revisits the myth of the stork livreuse babies.
“Sully”, the film by Clint Eastwood on the driver heroic, which had landed without casualties his A320 on the Hudson in 2009 in New York, down in fifth place. This biopic, in which the main character Chesley Sullenberger is embodied by Tom Hanks, wins $ 8.3 million this weekend and 105.3 million in total in four weeks.
Following results:
6. “The Brains”, a screwball comedy on a conveyor of funds embarked in a heist with accomplices very amateur. For its release, the film has a reported $ 6.5 million.
7. “Queen of Katwe” about a young woman chess player came from a slum in uganda, with the actress and oscar winner Lupita’nyong’o, jumped up in the rankings thanks to an extended distribution, and reports 2.5 million ($ 2.9 million in two weeks).
8. The horror film, “Don’t Breathe – The house of darkness” harvest 2.4 million in the sixth week ($ 84.7 million in total).
9. “Bridget Jones Baby”, a romantic comedy with Renee Zellweger, fall five places and harvest 2.3 million, or $ 21 million in three weeks.
10. “Snowden”, the new film by Oliver Stone about the former consultant of the NSA to the origin of one of the largest leaks in the history of american intelligence, harvest 2 million, for a total of $ 18.7 million in three weeks.


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