Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Nobel prize for Bob Dylan hailed by Salman Rushdie to Barack Obama – The World

” It is beautiful, it shows great open-mindedness of the Nobel even if I understand that it ruffles “, writes journalist Philippe Manoeuvre, editor-in-chief of the magazine ” Rock & Folk “.

Bob Dylan in April 2011 during the  festival-Bluesfest, Byron Bay, Australia.

Bob Dylan ” given new life to poetry “. For the French singer Hugues Aufray, a great friend of the new Nobel Prize for literature, the musician has ” restored to poetry its true function to be sung “.

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The reactions are multiplied, Thursday, October 13, after the award of the Nobel prize for literature 2016 to the singer 75 years of age, “ to be created in the framework of the great tradition of american music, new modes of poetic expression “. A ” bold and remarkable “ to the minister of culture, Audrey Azoulay, who welcomed a ” poet “exceptional” and ” enlightened consciousness of a generation.”

” Congratulations to one of my favorite poets, Bob Dylan, for this Nobel-quite-deserved “, tweeted the us president, Barack Obama, himself a Nobel peace prize. His message was accompanied by a link to a selection of songs by american artist, designed by the platform to listen to music streaming, Spotify, including her hits ” Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door “ and ” Like A Rolling Stone “.

” An approach to literary in a form that is not literature, “

” Dylan, it is poetry incarnate, that is, someone who has had an approach to literary in a form that is not literature, “, said the critical Michka Assayas, author of a dictionary of the history of rock. A price is also deserved for Serge Kaganski, a journalist with the magazine Les Inrocks :

” Wherever you look in his discography ocean (and, beyond that, his music and his unique voice, which are not the subject here), Dylan has brought text-based art of the song to its highest degree of meaning, richness and sensation in literature. “

” It is beautiful, it shows great open-mindedness of the Nobel even if I understand that it ruffles “, considers for its part, the journalist Philippe Manoeuvre, editor-in-chief of the journal Rock & Folk. the ” We waited for so long, for a good ten years, it is a surprise that it falls now, it was the idea that this would not come “, recalls Yves Bigot, a specialist in rock and boss of TV5 Monde.

The world of literature has reacted in the wake of the announcement. The british writer Salman Rushdie, author of the best-selling book in world The satanic Verses, has congratulated the american musician. the ” Of Orpheus to Faiz, song, and poetry have always been closely related. Dylan is the brilliant heir to the tradition of the bards “, he responded on Twitter, referring to the Greek hero and the poet of pakistan Faiz Ahmed Faiz, before you greet the ” excellent choice “ of the Swedish Academy. On the side of the critics, the literary critic for Swedish Per Svensson has denounced a price ” populist “ and ” trumpifié “ (sic).

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