Sunday, October 9, 2016

When the Rolling Stones to resume in live tube Beatles – The Figaro

VIDEOS – Rather the Beatles or the Rolling Stones ? This debate has become null and void, on Saturday night, when Mick Jagger and his friends have paid tribute to the Beatles on the stage of the Desert Trip, the festival of rock legends.

Mick Jagger, the iconic singer of the Rolling Stones, told a crowd of 75,000 people that the group wanted to do “a strange thing”, interpret the song of a “large group”. Strange? Probably. Magic? Certainly. Since it is the tube Come Together that came out of the speakers. This tube was on the last album of the Beatles, the legendary Abbey Road. This choice was somewhat surprised that Keith Richards, the guitarist of the Stones, has held on several occasions about little flattering on the Beatles. It has in particular stated last summer that “musically, the Beatles had a great sound and great songs. But their lives? They were never really there”. Last year, Richards was even more categorical in stating that the album Sgt. Pepper was, according to him, “a garbage heap”.

Despite these opinions, the british band worn by Mick Jagger took the title Come Together with elegance, majesty and talent.

The Stones have once again demonstrated their phenomenal energy, especially Mick Jagger, who has unleashed the spectators with its swaying characteristics despite its 73-year-old and joked about fans, graying came to listen to a group of rockers aging. Besides Ron Wood who was 69 years of age, the other members have more than 70 years.

“We’re not going to make other jokes about the age this evening,” quipped Jagger, “but welcome to the retirement home in Palm Springs for musicians, English refined,” adding that a “dinosaur park” was part of the attractions of the weekend. The average age of the audience was several decades higher than that of most other american festivals such as Coachella, which takes place each year on the same site in April. Why this Desert Trip has been dubbed Oldchella.

The Stones return to their classic, Bob Dylan is discrete

The Rolling Stones have demonstrated recent productivity in the playing of Ride 'Em On Down, an excerpt of their first album in over ten years, Blue and Lonesome due out on 2 December. It contains several covers of blues. They have also offered some of their classics, such as Jumpin Jack Flash, Miss You, sometimes accompanied by pyrotechnic effects, such as (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

“I would like to thank Bob Dylan for having opened” the festival, had slipped Jagger, of the words, as Dylan did not have to hear it a lot these past few years as he has rarely performed on stage and in the media. This has also earned the honour to appear early in the festival. But Dylan remained discreet, the giant screens does not shows any image of him on stage, but movies in black and white of places in the United States. The guitar legend is at the piano, opening his round of singing with Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 and then concatenating it with pieces that are less known. He finished with Masters of War, title in 1963 on the beginnings of the Cold War.

Desert Trip, a festival cost: of the seats of 399 to 1.599 dollars!

The festival in the Desert trip (pun evoking the journey or the hallucination under the influence of drugs in the desert) started Friday for three days, and must repeat the same the next weekend. The menu is promising with a myriad of rock legends who must go on the stage including ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, The Who, Bob Dylan or Neil Young.

Desert Trip could be the festival’s most profitable in history, with tickets up to 1.599 million for three days with reserved seats and access to a lounge (1.432 euros). The cheapest ticket on the official site was at 399 dollars for a standing place at the bottom. The festival is expected to welcome an estimated 150,000 fans in two weekends in Indio, located about two hours east of Los Angeles, California (west). The six headliners are without doubt one of the most influential in rock history and have generated collectively more than $ 3.1 billion in ticket sales since 2000, according to Pollstar.


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