Thursday, November 10, 2016

Obama promises to Trump to do “everything possible” for it to be successful – The World

The president-elect of the United States arrived Thursday morning for a meeting with Barack Obama in the Oval office, to discuss the transition by taking office on January 20.

The image was, for many, absolutely unthinkable two days ago : Donald Trump arrived Thursday 10 November at the White House to meet Barack Obama in the Oval office. The business man of 70 years came in the car, out of sight of journalists, shortly before 11 hours (17 hours in Paris). At the end of this meeting longer than 90 minutes, Mr. Obama spoke of a ” excellent conversation “ with Mr. Trump, and has promised to do ” everything possible “ for it to be successful.

Claiming to have spoken of the ” foreign policy as domestic politics “, the outgoing president has stressed his desire to complete the transition as efficiently as possible.

” regardless of our political orientations, and our political parties, I think it is important now to come together and work together. “

The business man of New York is said ” forward “ to work with the democratic president and receive his ” advice “. the ” I have a lot of respect “ (he), he added. the ” Mr. president, it was a great honor to be with you, I’m looking forward to have you back on many occasions “, he concluded. The two men, who shook hands after speaking before the journalists, had not replied to any question.

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Meeting between first and future first lady

on the occasion of this meeting between their husbands, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump have also made acquaintance on Thursday at the White House, organizing their own transition. Mme Obama has received the future first lady in the residence. The first meeting between these two women so different was held away from reporters.

” Michelle had the chance to welcome the future first lady and we also had a great conversation with her “, commented on Mr. Obama from the oval Office, Mr. Trump sitting in close proximity. Generally, the contact between the former and the future first lady lets talk about how to live in the White House, to raise children.

” A single team “

The transition is now triggered, and the democratic president has hammered his desire to carry it out smoothly. the ” We are not first democrats or republicans. We are first americans. (…) We must remember that we are in fact a single team “, pointed out the 44e president of the United States, who leaves office on January 20.

Insisting on the importance of ” the respect for the institutions of the law “ and ” respect each other “, he said he hoped that the billionaire populist to be true to the spirit of his first words – inclusive and appeased – after the victory.

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throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has promised to denounce the most of the reforms or advances emblematic of the 44e president. On Wednesday, the business man was locked in the tower Trump to Manhattan, where he has his residence and offices. The vice president-elect, Mike Pence, and several members of his campaign team have joined to begin with to prepare his / her government.


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